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Evernote is a simple note taking application that makes it easy to capture and remember ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you like.

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Google Docs is a fully featured Word or Spreadsheet replacement, all for free, online.

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Want to have notes in Evernote in Google Docs for easier collaboration? Use the Evernote Google Docs integration to post new Evernote notes to Google Docs.

Simple setup takes less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

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Automatically add a row to a Google Docs spreadsheet from new Evernote notes.

Automatically create new Evernote note from new Google spreadsheet row.

Automatically create new Evernote note from a Google Doc.

Add Evernote notes as new documents in Google Docs.

Automatically create new Evernote notes from new rows in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Automatically create new Google Docs text file for new Evernote notes.

Automatically create new Google Docs from a new Evernote note.

Converts my Evernote Collection to Google Docs. This means I can still have the full friendly usage of Evernote on my phone and not worry about it; it automatically becomes a Google Doc.

Now when I tag any Evernote with the 'GDoc' tag, it creates a matching Google Docs file on my Google Apps account. Sweet!

This copies notes in evernote to googledrive--ensuring that you can access drives anywhere and have backup documents.

Collaberation between Google Docs and Evernote - atleast when a note is created in Evernote first. It allows for easier sharing and a way for someone to collaberate on an evernote simulatenously over google docs. (Google docs collaberation is undoubtedly less expensive and better overall than that of evernotes)

being able to use Evernote to take notes and store them in my cloud drive is very important to me.

When you share something to Evernote, automatically create a corresponding Google Doc.

This operation allows an automatic backup of Evernote, decreasing the dependence on a single platform. How do I use the free version of Evernote, sometimes it is not possible to access the content without internet connection. With google docs this is possible. PROBLEM SOLVED! :)

Creates a google spreadsheet from a Project folder in Evernote with all the subject titles as entries.

Instantly exports my Evernotes to a Google Spreadsheet so that I have backup made in real-time.

Setting up Evernote to talk to Google Spreadsheets via Zapier to display on my personal dashboard! Zing!

This makes it really easy for me to take news articles or companies I am interested in and add them to a spreadsheet so I can fill out further detail.

This Zap populates a Google Spreadsheet with specific Evernote datapoints each time an item is added to specifed Notebook

This will allow my students to collaborate using google docs and also keep a record of their work in evernote. This will increase their organisation. Fantastic.

Working in company with google docs, using evernote for personal organization

Enables you to keep track of info you've written down in google docs rather than Evernote, so you can search Evernote and Google docs at the same time

If you want to use google forms to gather frequent data, like new ideas, you can create a google form and then have it linked to your evernote account

Creating individual lesson notes from a spreadsheet broad lesson plan on Google Drive.

This is pretty smoove. Android form that automatically goes to google docs, and then google docs data is automatically sent to evernote.

Automatically moves user feedback from UX & Usability tests collected in a Google spreadsheet to Evernote.

Allows me to keep an updated list of comics collection I can take with me to comics shops.

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