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Zoho Projects starts with a dashboard that shows a quick overview of everything going on in your team. You can see recent discussions and tasks, add a new task, milestone, document or message, or jump into views of your own tasks, milestones, bugs, appointments and more from every project. For your day to day work, you might not even need to open individual projects. Instead, you can jump into recent conversations or clear off your assigned tasks across every project from the dashboard, or use search to jump directly to what you need.

Or, you can jump into a project for a deeper view into what's going on. Each project has a similar dashboard, with progress indicators to show how close the project is to being done, and tabs to jump into tasks, milestones, bugs and more for that project. Tasks can be as simple or complex as you want—they could be just a to-do, or can be listed as a dependent on another task, have a start and due date, priority, and more. You can tie them to forum pages, associate them with documents and bugs, and mark the percent complete as you work on them.

Then, you can view the tasks however you want. Zoho includes a classic to-do list style list of tasks, along with a Kanban board view that can turn your list names, priorities, or completion percentage into kanban-like lists for an easy way to move tasks between list or mark how much has been done. Inside a project, you can also view tasks based on their dependencies, to see what's holding up work, or visualize tasks in a Gantt chart to see which tasks need done, when. There's even a reports view, to see how many tasks are left in each priority, list, or for each owner. It's easy to see what's left, no matter how you want to visualize it.

You'll need more than just task lists to get your work done, so Zoho Projects includes tools to keep everything in one place. There's Pages to create internal webpages or dashboards with info about the project, Wikis for internal documentation, Forums to keep discussions out of your email inbox, and Chat to talk about the project with your team in real-time. And for those client or freelance projects, there's time-tracking and invoices to turn the time spent on work into money.

If you're having trouble deciding which type of project management your team needs, or need a tool that can manage all the different types of projects going on across your entire company, Zoho Projects is a flexible app that will work for everyone. Whether you need details and deadlines, or just want a high-level overview, it's always easy in Zoho Projects to see what's left to do the way you want.

Learn more about Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, and other project management workflows in our Project Management 101 guide.

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Zoho Projects Pricing

  • Free for 5 users, 2 projects, and 10MB storage

  • $25/month for Standard plan for 10 users, 10 projects, and 5GB storage

  • $50/month for Express plan for 15 users, unlimited projects, and 20GB storage

  • $100/month for Premium plan for 20 users, unlimited projects, and 100GB storage

  • $150/month for Enterprise plan for 25 users, unlimited projects, and 120GB storage

Zoho Projects Features

  • Manage your projects by organizing your work as milestones, tasks, and subtasks

  • Visualize your work the way you want as lists, items on a kanban board, or Gantt charts

  • Keep track of your resources and timeline with the integrated critical path and baseline

  • Create invoices right from within Zoho Projects

  • Share ideas internally in an intranet, along with a shared calendar, conversations, and wiki to keep everything together

  • iOS and Android apps available

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