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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 27, 2016

When you're juggling client projects, something is needed to pull everything together. You have your own tools, your client has theirs, and you're forced to work from the overlap between them. Often, that overlap is email, the lowest common denominator that works with every client regardless of which project management tools they rely on.

But your email inbox is hardly a great place to manage projects. It's cluttered, with letters from your family and reminders from the utilities alongside newsletters and shipping notifications. Throw in client emails, and it's chaos personified.

Trigger is a project management app that tries to cut through that clutter and give you a real place to manage projects regardless of clients' favorite tools. It lets you pull everything together with email, so your project management tool will automatically integrate with any other tools your clients rely on.

If you've already tried another project management app and are switching to Trigger, you can bring your existing work with you. It can import projects from Basecamp, Active Collab, or a CSV spreadsheet file. Or, you can make a template with details and 3 tasks by default, complete with assignee, billable setting, title, and description; add more as needed to fill out the template with the things each project needs done.

Each new project you create include a unique "Mail-Man" email address in its project description. Anything you send to that address will be turned into a task in the project. You could then quickly add tasks by sending an email, and share the address with clients so they can send in things you need to do. And if you need to connect projects to your clients' apps, you can likely manage it all with email notifications. Say your client sends you a message in their chat app, and that app sends you an email notification. Just have your email app automatically forward messages from that app to your projects, and you'll have everything in your project without needing to check your email inbox.

As you're working on tasks, Trigger can track the time you spend working—or you can manually log time on tasks. Then you can plan your team's work schedule on Trigger's calendar view, which shows a full month overview of the tasks that are due during the month. Or, select the Schedule tab to see a list of your team members with a slot for each day of the week. You can assign them to a project for each day—when they'll work on their tasks in that project. It's an easy way to keep everyone focused without having to jump back and for between projects or waste time assigning the specific tasks to be done each individual day. And for all the tasks that don't fall on a specific project, there's a default Internal project where you can assign the one-off tasks that come up through your work.

Finding the stuff you need most in Trigger is easy thanks to its built-in bookmarks menu. Just click the star icon at the top of any page to see a quick list of bookmarks, then select the link at the bottom of that menu to add the current page as a bookmark. Or, you can search through all of your projects to find things you haven't bookmarked.

Trigger's a focused project management tool that makes it easy to pull everything together, connect to clients' own tools, and stay focused on what needs done most today. And it's always getting better, with a public roadmap that announces everything the Trigger team's working on. With a generous 60 day trial, you can give it a try and see if it's the tool you've needed to simplify your projects.

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Trigger Features

  • Organize projects based on owner, target hours, due date, and Xero account info
  • Turn emails into tasks with a unique address for each project
  • Track time automatically or manually, and turn it into invoices and time sheets
  • Activity Stream gives you updates on everything that's happened throughout your projects
  • Invite clients into Trigger to share updates, tweak tasks, and see what's been done so far

Trigger Pricing

  • $8/month per user for full features

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Trigger is cloud software for project management, collaboration, and time tracking. Closely integrated with Xero, you can import your customers, accounts and tracking categories, then send invoices. Task titles become line-items, timesheets become invoices - our workflow is coherent, and saves you time.