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The Projects overview is nicely designed, with a wealth of information on display without feeling cluttered. You'll see everything mentioned above, then can easily toggle the status, urgency and billing state of each project. Click on the Comments button to converse with your colleagues and import files from your computer—or just sync them from your Box or Dropbox accounts.

Within each project are tasks—the individual steps you have to take to finish a project. Each task is like a mini project, with one addition: billing hours. For instance, if a project will take you ten hours in total, you might have a “Preparation” task that will use up two hours, billed at your hourly rate. You can also add sub-tasks in a similar vein, each with their own subset of your task's time, and use tags to organize them all. To view your current tasks, click on the parent project, or open the Tasks tab in the main menu. Alternatively, the Calendar tab displays everything you are working on in a date-ordered view.

The Time tab helps you keep track of how you are spending the hours and minutes of your working day. Whenever you spend a block of time working on a particular project, task, or sub-task, it'll be recorded here. When you return to your Projects overview, you can see the running totals compared with your estimated delivery timeframe. That way, you can see how much time you and your team have spent on your work, and can easily turn that data into invoices you'll send straight from Project Bubble.

To make it simple to send out those invoices, Project Bubble also helps you keep track of your clients in the Clients tab. There, you can see the tasks and projects associated with each one, along with a Reports tab that helps you turn the data from your work into nicely designed reports to share with your clients as you wrap up the project and send out the final invoices. You can also keep tabs on how your team is doing, through the Users and Teams tabs that let you get reports on how each person and team in your company is doing.

Away from your dashboard, Project Bubble can send you reminders about upcoming Tasks to be completed, help you send invoices, and more. You could use its features to manage projects in any sized company, but it's features that these that especially help smaller teams and sole entrepreneurs who want to minimize the time they spend on switching apps.

In essence, Project Bubble takes the humble to-do list and adds the hierarchical structure, collaboration, and time-tracking tools that many managers and entrepreneurs require. If you want a way to organize your tasks better, track the time your team spends on them, and create detailed reports or invoices once the work is done, it's an app you should consider using to help manage everything in one place.

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Integrate Google Sheets with Project Bubble

Google Sheets

Google +1Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Gmail with Project Bubble


Email +1Email, Google

1 Zap template

Integrate Google Calendar with Project Bubble

Google Calendar

Calendar +1Calendar, Google

2 Zap templates

Integrate Salesforce (Legacy) with Project Bubble

Salesforce (Legacy)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) +1CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Premium
Integrate SQL Server with Project Bubble

SQL Server

Databases +1Databases, Premium
Integrate Asana with Project Bubble


Project Management

4 Zap templates

Integrate Xero with Project Bubble


Accounting +1Accounting, Premium

1 Zap template

Integrate Trello with Project Bubble


Project Management
Integrate Webflow with Project Bubble


Website Builders
Integrate Wufoo with Project Bubble


Forms & Surveys

1 Zap template

Integrate Firebase / Firestore with Project Bubble

Firebase / Firestore

Integrate Google Drive with Project Bubble

Google Drive

File Management & Storage +1File Management & Storage, Google
Integrate WooCommerce with Project Bubble


eCommerce +1eCommerce, WordPress
Integrate Slack with Project Bubble


Team Chat

2 Zap templates

Integrate Airtable with Project Bubble


Integrate QuickBooks Online with Project Bubble

QuickBooks Online

Accounting +1Accounting, Premium
Integrate WordPress (Legacy) with Project Bubble

WordPress (Legacy)

Website Builders +1Website Builders, WordPress
Integrate PayPal with Project Bubble


Payment Processing +1Payment Processing, Premium
Integrate ShipStation with Project Bubble


Integrate PostgreSQL with Project Bubble


Databases +1Databases, Premium
Integrate Twitter with Project Bubble


Social Media Accounts
Integrate Microsoft Excel with Project Bubble

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft +1Microsoft, Spreadsheets
Integrate Podio with Project Bubble


Project Management
Integrate Basecamp 2 with Project Bubble

Basecamp 2

Project Management

2 Zap templates

Integrate Mailchimp with Project Bubble


Email Newsletters
Integrate ConnectWise Manage with Project Bubble

ConnectWise Manage

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Project Bubble

Facebook Lead Ads

Ads & Conversion +2Ads & Conversion, Facebook, Premium
Integrate Discord with Project Bubble


Team Chat
Integrate Calendly with Project Bubble


Scheduling & Booking
Integrate Microsoft Office 365 with Project Bubble

Microsoft Office 365

Email +1Email, Microsoft
Integrate Toggl with Project Bubble


Time Tracking Software
Integrate MySQL with Project Bubble


Databases +1Databases, Premium
Integrate Coda with Project Bubble


Integrate Pushbullet with Project Bubble


Integrate Azure DevOps with Project Bubble

Azure DevOps

Developer Tools +1Developer Tools, Microsoft
Integrate Zoho Creator with Project Bubble

Zoho Creator

Databases +1Databases, Zoho
Integrate BugHerd with Project Bubble


Developer Tools
Integrate Lead Connect with Project Bubble

Lead Connect

Forms & Surveys
Integrate Zendesk Sell with Project Bubble

Zendesk Sell

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate HourStack with Project Bubble


Time Tracking Software
Integrate Facebook Pages with Project Bubble

Facebook Pages

Facebook +1Facebook, Social Media Accounts
Integrate Typeform with Project Bubble


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Google Forms with Project Bubble

Google Forms

Forms & Surveys +1Forms & Surveys, Google
Integrate Gravity Forms with Project Bubble

Gravity Forms

Forms & Surveys +1Forms & Surveys, WordPress
Integrate YouTube with Project Bubble


Google +1Google, Video & Audio
Integrate Microsoft Outlook with Project Bubble

Microsoft Outlook

Email +1Email, Microsoft
Integrate Shopify with Project Bubble


eCommerce +1eCommerce, Premium
Integrate Todoist with Project Bubble


Task Management
Integrate Salesforce with Project Bubble


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) +1CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Premium

1 Zap template

Integrate Squarespace with Project Bubble


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Google Docs with Project Bubble

Google Docs

Documents +1Documents, Google
Integrate Eventbrite with Project Bubble


Event Management
Integrate Google Tasks with Project Bubble

Google Tasks

Google +1Google, Task Management
Integrate LinkedIn with Project Bubble


Microsoft +1Microsoft, Social Media Accounts
Integrate Zendesk with Project Bubble


Customer Support +1Customer Support, Premium
Integrate Cognito Forms with Project Bubble

Cognito Forms

Forms & Surveys
Integrate SurveyMonkey with Project Bubble


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Basecamp 3 with Project Bubble

Basecamp 3

Project Management
Integrate WPForms with Project Bubble


Forms & Surveys +1Forms & Surveys, WordPress
Integrate Streak with Project Bubble


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Knack with Project Bubble


Integrate Zoho Books with Project Bubble

Zoho Books

Accounting +1Accounting, Zoho
Integrate SurveyGizmo with Project Bubble


Forms & Surveys
Integrate CloudConvert with Project Bubble


File Management & Storage
Integrate vcita with Project Bubble


Scheduling & Booking
Integrate Mixpanel with Project Bubble


Ads & Conversion
Integrate Zoho CRM with Project Bubble

Zoho CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) +2CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Premium, Zoho
Integrate Amazon DynamoDB with Project Bubble

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon +2Amazon, Databases, Premium
Integrate Vision6 with Project Bubble


Marketing Automation
Integrate Onfleet with Project Bubble


Product Management
Integrate New York Times with Project Bubble

New York Times

News & Lifestyle
Integrate Phantombuster with Project Bubble


Beta +1Beta, Marketing Automation
Integrate Visual Lease with Project Bubble

Visual Lease

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Samepage with Project Bubble


Team Chat
Integrate Simplero with Project Bubble


Online Courses
Integrate Picky Assist with Project Bubble

Picky Assist

Beta +1Beta, Notifications
Integrate TimeCamp with Project Bubble


Time Tracking Software
Integrate Autotask with Project Bubble


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Dropbox with Project Bubble


File Management & Storage
Integrate MailerLite with Project Bubble


Email Newsletters
Integrate Google Analytics with Project Bubble

Google Analytics

Ads & Conversion +1Ads & Conversion, Google
Integrate Mailparser with Project Bubble


Integrate Pipedrive with Project Bubble


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Mailigen with Project Bubble


Drip Emails
Integrate Acuity Scheduling with Project Bubble

Acuity Scheduling

Scheduling & Booking
Integrate SharpSpring with Project Bubble


Marketing Automation
Integrate Apify with Project Bubble


Developer Tools


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