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The main focus is still on your tasks. You'll see your own tasks when you first login, and the bottom status bar shows the time currently being tracked (and the tasks that time's tied to) along with a quick link to add tasks (or reminders, clients, and other info) and another to jump back to your own task view.

Adding new tasks is where you'll first see the broad focus of Magnetic come into play. Each task can be linked to an opportunity—or you can create a new opportunity and tie it to a contact and company right from the New Task dialogue. There's also space to track and estimate time the task will require, set its billable status, and more. Then, when you're ready to save the task, click the arrow beside Save to choose to save and add another task, mark this task as complete, copy the task, or track it for a simple way to jump to the next thing you do immediately. Track the task, say, and Magnetic will immediately start tracking time for that task, without you needing to click anything else.

Projects in Magnetic are called *Jobs*—but first, they start out as Opportunities. You'll list the details, add tasks, and work to push the opportunity from an idea to a won new job. Each opportunity and job includes its own dashboard so you can see contact details, open tasks, estimated revenue, costs, and profit, and more. There's even sub-opportunities and jobs, to track smaller projects that are all linked to a larger goal. As you get closer to winning the opportunity, you can move it along "lanes" or kanban board-style lists. Or, you can view them in a list for a simple overview of everything that's being worked on. And when the opportunity is one, just edit it and check the "Signed" box, and Magnetic will turn it into a project where you can track its progress with the same lane or list views—albeit this time with lanes that are customized for a project workflow instead of a deal-winning workflow.

When you need client or supplier info, you'll find that and other CRM items tucked away in the Clients menu. Accounts keeps all the financial info—invoices from suppliers, timesheets from team members, estimates and more. And when you need to see how your team is performing, the HR tab includes performance reviews, assessments, and leave requests for a quick way to manage your team.

Magnetic gives you a handy way to manage everything your working on in one place. It's customizable enough to show tasks and projects in lists or boards as you'd like, with calendar and gantt charts included to make scheduling simple. And with the accounting, CRM, and HR tools included, you'll be able to get everything about your projects completed in one place.

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