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What Hellosign Triggers and Actions Are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Signature Request Signed - Triggers when a signature request is signed (requires a paid API plan for non test_mode requests).
  • Signature Request Sent - Triggers when a signature request is sent (requires a paid API plan for non test_mode requests).
  • Signature Request Declined - Triggers when a signature request is declined (requires a paid API plan for non test_mode requests).
  • Signature Request Viewed - Triggers when a signature request is viewed (requires a paid API plan for non test_mode requests).

Supported Actions#

  • Send Signature Request From Template - Sends a HelloSign template out for signature request.
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How to Get Started with Hellosign

In order to use Hellosign you must have an API enabled plan (read more at https://app.hellosign.com/api/pricing)!

To get started with Hellosign and Zapier, you'll first need an account with both! Then just go create your first Hellosign zap and add your account via:


And just enter your username and password here (we usually recommend making a brand new user just for Zapier in Hellosign, that way you don't share your main account's password!):


After that is complete, we'll test the connection to ensure everything is properly set up!


There you go! Enjoy your connections!

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Common Problems with HelloSign

My trigger test is not returning any results#

HelloSign has two different types of plans: one is for their web accounts and the other is for API accounts.

You'll need an API accounts to be able to use your HelloSign account with Zapier

If you do have an API account and you're still having trouble getting a sample from your trigger test then please try the following:

  1. Prepare and send a test document to yourself to sign.
  2. Open the document ready to sign, but don't sign it yet!
  3. In another tab of your web browser, open the Zap editor for your Zap and go to the trigger test page
  4. Click Pull in Samples
  5. Immediately go back to the HelloSign document and sign the test document

This should give your Zap a 'live' signature to find and therefore give you a sample for your Zap.

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Need More Help? - Our support team is happy to help -- send us a message

HelloSign is a brand new way to collect signatures and send important documents from an easy web interface. Just upload a PDF or Word Document and make your templates, and send them to anyone!

Getting Started with Zapier

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