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About LeanKit

Push new Cards, Card moves, and Card updates to your instance of LeanKit.

About Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate LeanKit with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Start With a Popular Zap

Create new LeanKit card from a new ticket in a specific Zendesk view.

I can forward emails that require action from my Outlook to my personal Kanban board on LeanKit Kanban.

This Zap will create a Google Calendar entry if you add a due date to a task in Leankit. Even less reason for forgetting to do something!

NB. Please make sure that Google and Leankit are using the same date localisation.

Use this Zap to create a new LeakKit card every day.

This Zap creates a new LeanKit card from new Asana tasks.

Create a LeanKit card for new Google Tasks.

It helps adds a new card to my chart when a new customer fills out the quote form on my site.

This Zap creates a new card in LeanKit from a Wufoo form entry.

This Zap starts a Harvest timer for newly moved LeanKit cards.

Create new Trello cards from new LeanKit cards.

I have daily / weekly goals in evernote. When I drag cards into my "doing" column in leankit, this zap makes a note in my "daily goals" note in evernote. This keeps my goals and tasks in sync and helps me stay organized on my progress.

Move a LeanKit Card to a specified Lane to stop a running Harvest Timer. This can be filtered by Assigned User or tag or other Card attribute.

Cards moved in LeanKit Lanes reflect change in WIP status; new tag shows latest WIP status in EN

This Zap lets me use Google Talk to create new cards in LeanKit.

Move tasks in Podio into the Backlog on LeanKit Kanban board.

Use this Zap to create new LeanKit cards from new Streak boxes.

This Zap will take newly created milestones in Fogbugz and add them to an "On Deck" card within LeanKit.

Subject and body of email are used to create a new card into the the default drop lane of LeanKit. Used primarily for FWD'ing emails from Outlook etc that require actions.

Helps me do a recurring task with LeanKit, which it can't do on its own.

This problem allows me to take an email that I've placed in a specific Evernote folder and have it automatically turned into an action in my LeanKit backlog.

Trigger a Google Talk alert when a card gets moved in LeanKit.

This Zap sends a Google Talk alert for new LeanKit cards.

I need some way to indicate that a task's schedule has been agreed with the customer, and can therefore get ready for take -off. Setting a link between a milestone in Capsule Track ("schedule agreed...") and the task via ID link looks promising. Will test it now :)

Add card in Leankit when Action due date is updated to 14 days left

Send personal kanban cards from specific gmail account with "home" in the subject to a LeanKit board

It takes ticket from our CMS Easit and send it to the LeanKit so that it is visualized in a nice way.

Puts a card on my personal LeanKit board to tell me to work out!

Adds a visual management on the task status on the top of my Evernote to-dos.

Send an email to Zapier to create a Leankit Kanban card. The email subject becomes the card title and the email body becomes the card description.

Creates a Card on a LeanKit board when a new ticket appears in a View in Zendesk. The Zendesk ticket ID becomes the external Card ID in LeanKit (Portfolio Edition only).

In LeanKit, you can configure the external Card ID to form a link from the face of the Card directly to the Zendesk ticket.

email me at for more info.

This allows you to flag Trello cards for transfer to Leankit by moving them to the chosen lane.

We're using Zapier to automatically create cards on our Kanban board for issues raised in our GitHub repositories. Cool!

This Zap lets me update a LeanKit card from new Trello activity.

This zap let's me automatically put my kid's weekly chores onto our family LeanKit chore board. No more reminding them to do their laundry or change their sheets!

We created this zap so we can send an e-mail and have it show up on the boy's chore board as a card. We have the board on the kitchen wall on a smart TV and they each have an iPad for school (with the LeanKit app) so it's a great way to keep in synch in our family.

I use Google Calendar for Actions that don't start until a later date/time (Ticklers in GTD-speak)

Allows me to automate actions I receive in email form and post them to my personal kanban

Use Google Calendar events to add card to a LeanKit Kanban board when a reminder kicks off. I use this to add re-occurring household chores like replacing an air filter to my personal Kanban board.

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Make your own Zap using LeanKit

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