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About Evernote

Evernote is a powerful note taking application that makes it easy to capture ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you need to remember. Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace—available on all major mobile platforms and devices.

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About Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Evernote with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Start With a Popular Zap

Automatically send Gmail emails to Evernote as notes.

Save my tweets to an Evernote note for tracking.

Create a new Evernote Notebook when a new Podio Project is started

Use the title of an Evernote note to create an event in Google Calendar.

Automatically create an Asana task from an Evernote note.

Get or send an email for new Evernote notes.

When a new email comes into my inbox, create a new note with the content and whatever attachments might be in place.

Create new task in Google Tasks for new Evernote notes.

Create an Evernote note from new RSS feed items.

Create new note in Evernote from new tasks in Google Tasks.

Create new note in Evernote for new individual emails in Gmail.

Sync my Evernote note reminders to Google Calendar so I can receive an email when the reminder is due

Automatically create Evernote notes from new Google Drive files.

Create a new Evernote note from new Google Contacts contact.

Automatically create a text file in Google Drive from an Evernote note.

Create an RSS feed of new Evernote notes.

Creates a new blog post draft whenever I add a new Evernote note to a specific notebook in Evernote.

Automatically create new Evernote notes from new Asana tasks.

Wanted a simple way to get iPhone Sketchbook drawings to Evernote. Sketchbook doesn't export to EN, so created a folder in Dropbox named _Evernote. The underline puts this folder at the top of the folder listing. Files saved there are Zap'd to EN.

Automatically create a new text file in Google Docs from new Evernote notes.

Transfer Dropbox file links to Evernote displaying title and file extension as title and share link and size as content!

Share events created from Google calendar within 5 minutes of creation to Evernote.

This zap creates new cards from new notes with tag project.

This template saves favorite tweets to an Evernote notebook of your choice.

Automatically create new Teambox tasks from new Evernote notes.

Save Twitter mentions of any search term to Evernote notes.

This puts my requires reading as a task into my smarsheet task manage,enot app

migrate anything in a certain folder to a evernote note handyscanner auto uploads to drop box making it fantastic for receipts to evernote

Create a new note in Evernote by forwarding an email to a given Zapier email address.

Creating Evernote notes from handwritten PDFs backed up to Google Drive from GoodNotes automatic sync

Automatically create new Evernote note from a Google Doc.

Add Evernote notes as new documents in Google Docs.

Creates a new invoice in Xero from new notes in Evernote.

This will take any new note from Evernote that is in the _Inbox folder (you can change it to your default folder) and tagged with "Task" and create a new task in Asana.

Every time you schedule a to-do note, just put it on your Schedule notebook and Zapier will send it to Google Calendar, which interprets the time to compose the entry. It is easy to change the task to check and tag like "#scheduled" instead of the notebook, if you prefer.

Automatically create new Evernote note from new Box files.

Moves any new email to my INBOX with an attachment to a Notebook in Evernote.

Automatically create an Evernote note from a new SkyDrive file.

Automatically create Basecamp messages from new Evernote notes.

Take notes in Evernote then attach them to a contact in Highrise as a note. Title your Evernote notes as the Highrise contact name.

Automatically create new Google Contacts contacts from new Evernote notes.

Automatically tweet out new Evernote notes.

Wanted a way of getting pics into Evernote faster and with fewer iphone clicks.

Wanted a way of getting pics into Evernote faster and with fewer iphone clicks.

Automatically create new Evernote notes from new Wordpress posts.

More ACTION to help us pinpoint and solve performance issues.

Automatically create a new Basecamp todo from an Evernote note.

Send tweets mentioning your search term to Evernote as notes.

I use this to save articles from the web that are work-related, so whenever I log into Trello and take a look at my "To Read" card, all those articles are there waiting for me.

Add new items to Buffer from new Evernote notes.

Automatically create new Evernote note from a Google Talk message.

This Zap pushes new Dropbox files to Evernote. Can tweak the Dropbox directory and Evernote notebook as you see fit.

Automatically creates Basecamp Classic messages from an Evernote note.

Me entró la duda de utilizar Trello por si tenía que abandonar ciertos hábitos de recolección en Evernote. Con Zapier se me han ido....ahora Sincronizo las acciones pendientes y las que me deben

Archiving every tweet for easy access to the info when needed most!

Archiving every new tweet for easy access to the info when needed most!

Create a Follow Up (FU:) event in google calendar and make a new note in Evernote. Location, separated by commas, create the Tags and the description populates the content.

Get a customizable email alert for new Evernote notes.

Automatically create new Google Docs text file for new Evernote notes.

Make Your Own Zap with Triggers + Actions

What are Triggers, Searches & Actions?

Triggers, searches and actions are simply events you can use to build an integration, or "Zap". They can be things like a "new email", "find lead" or a "new contact". A Zap combines triggers, searches and actions — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes all searches or actions for you!

Make your own Zap using Evernote

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