What Call Loop Triggers and Actions are Supported?#

Supported Triggers#

  • None yet!

Supported Actions#

  • Send SMS Message - Send a dynamic SMS text message to a contact.
  • Add Contact to Group - Adds a contact to a Call Loop group.
  • Send Trigger Message (SMS, Voice Broadcast, Ringless Voicemail) - Send an SMS text, voice broadcast, or ringless voicemail message to a contact.NOTE: You must first create a trigger in your group to select it from the list.

How to Get Started with Call Loop on Zapier#

Step 1: Pick an Action and a Trigger#

Step 1 is where you choose your trigger and your actions. In this example, when an Infusionsoft contact gets a tag applied we will Add them to a Call Loop Group.

Call Loop 1

Step 2 and 3: Connecting Your Apps#

The first thing you need to do is connect your app to your Call Loop account.

Call Loop 2

The first popup will ask you for a title or label for this Call Loop account. You can name this whatever you'd like as it's only for you to view in your Zapier account.

Call Loop 3

API Key: You will need to insert your Call Loop API key here. You can generate this key by logging into your Call Loop account and going to "Account > API", then generate your key here.

Email: Use the email you have with your Call Loop account.

Step 4: Map Your Fields#

This is where you will select your group and merge in your fields into Call Loop. Each Call Loop "action" will be different and can be customized.

This picture is shows how to you how to "Add a Contact" action.

Call Loop 4

Group Name: Select the group you wish to store your contacts. (*required)

Phone Number: Merge in your phone field for Call Loop to store. (*required)

First Name: Merge in the first name field here to merge into the contact.

Last Name: Merge in the last name into the contact.

Email: Merge in the email address.

Step 5: Test Your Zap#

On step 5, you will be to test your zap. You can see the action sample and the information being passed over.

Call Loop 5

If you wish to test it and send a message to yourself, change the Phone Number merge field to your cell phone, then run the test.

Step 6: Turn The Zap On#

The only thing left to do is to turn your Zap on.

Popular Things To Do With Call Loop#

Common Problems with Call Loop#

My contacts are not showing when using the Add Contact to Group Action.#

Was the phone number associated with the contact a US number? Call Loop only supports US numbers right now so contacts with non US numbers will not show. If not please drop us an email and we can investigate further!