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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated December 3, 2014

You'd like to do a better job onboarding your new users, updating everyone with news and tips, and helping people along when they're trying out a new part of your app. But sometimes, just setting up an email newsletter seems like too much work—and once you've got one started, you'd hate to have to redo all that work.

So how about an email marketing app that's easy to integrate with your site, and that'll let you keep the results of the hard work you've already put into your email newsletter? That's what Sendloop aims to do.

Sendloop is an email marketing app that is perhaps perfectly designed for anyone looking for a new way to send emails. It'll let you import your existing HTML email templates to send messages, and use its migration assistant to import email newsletter subscribers from MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or GetResponse. And it'll let you track what your users are doing on your site or in your app just by adding a JavaScript snippet to your site's code—no tricky integrations required.

Of course, starting out fresh is fine, too, as is adding to your email lists once you're already sending out emails. That's where Sendloop's extras come in, including a Facebook app to add a subscriber form to your Facebook page, a WordPress widget with a similar form, and a Magento plugin to add your customers to your lists. There's also a form designer tool as an easy way to gather leads from any site, and a companion landing page that lets you share the form directly without having to add it to your site. Or, you can use Zapier to add contact from any of the other apps you use.

Then, you'll need emails to send out. You could import an existing email design—perhaps one you've already sent on your old email newsletter app—with just a link to an existing email or by forwarding one of your old emails to Sendloop. Or, you can import your own HTML design or hand-code a new one in its code editor. The best option, most likely, would be to use its drag-and-drop designer with a pre-made template that can be easily customized to your needs. You can add email sections, rearrange them as you need, and add the content you want for your messages.

Manually sending out emails, though, isn't what you'll wan to do all the time. The better option is to automate your email marketing, with Sendloop sending out emails to your customers right when they need them. That's where the aforementioned integration with your site comes in with Sendloop's Automation features. You'll customize the JavaScript to watch for particular things on your site and recognize your users, and then your site will send info about your customers to Sendloop. You can then add drip emails to new customers, or send specific emails based on what people are doing in your app. Whether you're onboarding users, teaching people how to accomplish specific things, or prompting trial users to purchase your product or services, you can use these emails to automatically keep in touch with your users.

If you're looking for a simple way to automatically send messages to your users, along with a quick tool to send beautiful emails to all of your users—and random subscribers who are interested in your company—whenever you want, Sendloop is a great option to consider. It's especially great if you're considering switching from an email service you're already using, but dreaded the hard work of moving, since its migration tools do the hard work for you.

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Sendloop Features

  • Facebook and WordPress plugins, code snippets, and form widgets to gather leads and watch them on your site.
  • Simple email editor that makes it easy to target drips to specific users
  • Easy-to-use statistics to learn more about your results

Sendloop Pricing

  • Free for up to 2k subscribers
  • From $24/month for unlimited emails to up to 2.5k subscribers
  • Pay As You Go from $15 per 1.5k emails sent

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