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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 1, 2016

The most important projects usually aren't easy. But managing them shouldn't be the most difficult task. Instead, you should have a simple way to see what needs to be done next and to let stakeholders know how the project is going without any extra work. That shouldn't be so hard—at least, that's what Easy Projects promises.

Easy Projects is a project management app designed to help everyone always know exactly how a project is going. When you first open the app, you're immediately greeted with a list of the tasks left in your projects, organized outline-style to see at a glance what tasks need finished before others can be done. Click the Gantt Chart button for a quick peek at your project's timeline, complete with the critical path of what needs done when to finish the project on time.

One of the most difficult tasks in managing projects is setting accurate due dates. Things change, and sometimes a task will take longer than you expect. That's perhaps not such a big deal—unless there are other tasks depending on this task's completion. Easy Projects makes it simple to reschedule tasks and link them to their dependencies. You can choose a task, select if that task is dependent on this task's start or finish,and set a lag time for how soon before or after the tasks are linked. You can even add multiple dependencies to each task, for an accurate picture of how work needs to proceed—something rather unique to Easy Projects.

That will have your team focused on what must be done next, but what about your clients and project stakeholders? Easy Projects' Guest Portal takes care of that. It shows them a list of their projects you're working on, the tasks you have left and how much have been done on them so far, along with a Twitter-style feed of project updates that you can share. Clients can even add requests, to let you know of extra things they'd like you to focus on in the project.

Easy Projects also helps your team allocate resources effectively. You can see a report of how much time everyone on your team has worked, and then use the resource simulator to see who's schedule is the most open to take on new tasks in the timeframe you need. That way, you can get started on the next thing while still making sure your current projects get done on time.

Need to customize things? Easy Projects includes a dashboard with the widgets you need, to show quickly the info you need most about projects. Even the default project view can be customized to show the project info you need. And if you need to gather other info—perhaps contact info or requests for new features—there's a built-in form tool so you can create forms and gather data right inside your project management system.

If you're struggling to keep track of your task dependencies, or need a better way to make sure everyone knows how projects are going, Easy Projects just might be the tool you need. It's flexible enough that you can turn it into a project tool custom designed for your team needs—one that'll help you share info and see who can take on tasks next automatically.

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Easy Projects Features

  • Manage tasks on a list and organize them in outline format
  • Use templates to quickly recreate common projects
  • Link tasks with dependencies to find projects' critical path
  • Guest portal to show clients your progress on projects
  • Plan project deadlines with Gantt charts
  • Use resource planner to see if you have time to take on a project
  • Log time and create time reports for projects

Easy Projects Pricing

  • $21/month per user Pro plan for core features, 60 portfolios, and 100 custom fields
  • $25/month per user Enterprise plan for full features
  • Self-hosted plan available from $189/year per user for Pro features

Annual hosted plans include a 25% discount, and all plans require a one-time setup fee starting at $875.

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Easy Projects is a collaboration and project management software that helps teams get rid of spreadsheets and work together.