Create sales opportunities logged in Enalyzer to Capsule CRM

Whenever your sales team identifies new sales opportunities, they probably have to log them in multiple places, which is simply not efficient. Instead, set up an Enalyzer survey that your sales team can use to log everything and set up Zapier integrations that will transfer the data where it needs to go. With this Enalyzer-Capsule CRM integration, your sales team can easily and quickly create new sales opportunities.

Note: This integration doesn't update existing opportunities, it only creates new ones.

How this Enalyzer-Capsule CRM integration works

  1. Someone fills out your Enalyzer survey
  2. Zapier creates a new sales opportunity based on that data in Capsule CRM

Apps involved

  • Enalyzer
  • Capsule CRM
Create sales opportunities logged in Enalyzer to Capsule CRM
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An easy and free tool for creating surveys and analyzing results.

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Capsule CRM is a hosted CRM for keeping tack of your clients and prospects online. Add tasks, track communication logs, and close deals in your pipeline faster with Capsule CRM.

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