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Project Budget

$250 to $1,000, $1,000 to $10,000

Services Offered

Complex Workflow Help, Building New Integrations

Software Specializations

CRM, Forms

About Noam Say

I help entrepreneurs build their own systems to create, manage, automate and scale their business with Airtable & Zapier. I provide consulting over 1-on-1 zoom calls with you. Call recordings are stored in the cloud for 1 year and sent to you automatically. We build together a tailor-made system for your business. My approach is 100% agile. You get a working system from day 1. You can purchase time credit by batch of 10 hours minimum with no commitment. My goal is to teach and empower you as well so you can be autonomous as fast as possible. Keep in mind I'm located in Europe (France) for timezone purpose. I speak English and French.

14 Customer Reviews

Tannegui B.

Prompt and reactive

I recommend Noam Say because he built a tools for me. This tools helped me to computorize a lot work. I gained so much time with his works on Zapier and Airtable. Thx a lot Noam

Fabrice M.

Forte expertise de Airtable / Zapier et très grande réactivité

Noam fait preuve de souplesse et d'une grande réactivité. Il propose toujours les solutions les plus adaptées aux problèmes évoqués. Noam est la personne adéquate pour vous accompagner sur vos projets qui s'appuient sur Zapier  / Airtable

Thomas B.

Très grande réactivité et forte expertise de Zapier

Noam fait preuve de souplesse et d'une grande réactivité. Par ailleurs, il recherche toujours à trouver la solution la plus adaptée aux problèmes exposés. Globalement, il vous sera d'une grande d'aide pour construire un projet s'appuyant sur Zapier dont il maîtrise parfaitement les subtilités.

jeremy m.

Rapide, efficace, professionnel

Bonjour je voulais remerciez Noam pour sa rapidité, son analyse et pour tous le temps que j'ai gagné grâce à son expertise. Je recommande ses services fortement à toutes personnes qui recherche un travail de qualité et rapide sur Zapier et aussi Airtable. Merci pour tout ton travail

Stanislas V.

A great accompaniment

I've asked Noam to introduce me to Zapier and help me to manage my zap. It was a pleasure to have him while i was doing my first step. Don't hesitate to book a call with him ;)

Raphael K.

Excellent training and consulting

Noam was instrumental in helping us understand how to use the Zapier Webhooks to create instant zaps between 3rd party tools and our own. He took the time to understand our business need and then gave us professional guidance and training on the entire process.

Alexis K.

Excellent mentorship and training

We've worked several times with Noam over the last year on improving our internal operations and processes. He was always super helpful, and we also had a chance to learn a lot under his guidance. Definitely someone to get in touch with to get to the next level with Zapier !

Frederic B.

Highly valuable

Noam has set up a back-office system for my business using Airtable and Zapier in a few hours. He also trained me to be able to tweak the system in the future by myself.

David T.

Noam the best no-code solution

Noam built a complete no-code solution from end to end using Airtable and Zapier to manage and automate our company operations at scale

Chloe B.

Noâm saved me a lot of time

More than just helping me set up Zapier according to my needs, Noam teaches me how to use it and shared the magic tricks one can only learn by himself  after several years of experience ! Many thanks again Noâm! I warmly recommend

Céline G.

A master in zapier & no code

I have been working with Noam for a while as regards automatisation of internal processes in my company, using Airtable, Zapier, Jotform & similar tools. He is both flexible and super smart in finding tricks to always answer a need or request from his internal clients. Also super friendly & easy to bond with. I stronly recommend working with Noam.

John M.

Excellent guidance and implementation with Airtable & Zapier apps

Helped our startup to create automation from the beginning. Noam not only knows how to execute, but he also offers helpful guidance and thoughtful insights.

Francis L.

Totally satisfied!

Noam is a true Zapier expert. He doesn't just set up Zaps, he goes to the limit of what can be done with the tool and doesn't hesitate to improve his scenarios to perfection!

Kevin B.

Professional & skilled!

Noam is a reliable consultant! I've done a few missions with him and have been always deeply satisfied. I recommend!