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Automate as fast as you can type

AI gives you automation superpowers, and Zapier puts them to work. Pairing AI and Zapier helps you turn ideas into workflows and bots that work for you.

  • Free forever for core features

  • More apps than any other platform

  • Cutting-edge AI features

Zapier is trusted by over 2.2 million companies worldwide

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Get started quickly with these best-practice templates

No need to start from scratch. In just a few minutes, you can use Interfaces, Tables, and Zaps to create complete solutions and reclaim countless hours of your time.

No need to start from scratch. In just a few minutes, you can use Interfaces, Tables, and Zaps to create complete solutions and reclaim countless hours of your time.

Meet Zapier: Your new home to automate anything

You dream up what to automate—Zapier will handle the rest. Combine user interfaces, data tables, and logic with 7,000+ apps to build and automate anything you can imagine.

Zapier will help you grow twice as fast, even without hiring another person.

Meet our automation products


Make your tools work harder for you. Build automated workflows with triggers and actions across 7,000+ apps.


Design forms, web pages, and basic apps to power your business-critical workflows—no coding required.


Store, edit, and move data with a database that’s purpose-built for automation.

An illustration of the Zapier Chatbots UI



Build and automate customer conversations in minutes. Create custom AI chatbots that answer questions, resolve issues, and nurture leads.

2.2 million+ businesses feel the magic of automation

Amandine Flachs

Morning win: I just created my first Zap on @zapier

Caleb Givens

@zapier is like that friend you have that “has a guy” that can literally do just about anything.

Kelsey Jones (She/Her)

Constantly chasing the high of creating a new @zapier integration in other areas of my life


When you make a complex @zapier work and you feel like an absolute boss.

Ashley Warren

Few things make me feel more powerful than setting up automations in @zapier to make my life easier and more efficient.

Abdullah Al-Sweed | عبدالله السويد

Seems like nothing is impossible with Zaps ⚡️😍

TJ Sondermann

@zapier consistently makes me feel like an all-powerful digital wizard. ⚡️🧙‍♂️

Jessica Morrison

Your small business heart learns there's a @zapier integration that makes your life SO much easier..

Aravind Venugopal

@zapier is one of the best things that I have discovered till now. It's time to automate my imagination 🥳

John MacGaffey

My life is divided up into two phases: Before I learned how to use @zapier and after I learned how.

Sherrell T. Martin

Every time I create a new @zapier zap it makes me happy 😁😁😁 #rockthebooksonline


I fangirl over Zapier on the daily. Actually changes your life.

Astha 🌊

Zapier is indeed incredible! Empowers you to do so much, so easily. Love it!🔥

Jeremy Picker

Thank you @zapier for making my life easier and more automated! #techhacks #automation #api #nocoding

Andrew Giambarba

Oh @zapier, where have you been my entire life!?!?

Fraser Cottrell | TikTok Ads & Content

Just set up a @zapier between @Calendly and @clickup to automatically log my call bookings in my CRM. I’ve never been so impressed

Ryan Morrison 🇺🇸 🇿🇦

I literally have my own product running off of Zapier. I charge $100 per month and have several subscribers. It’s a great and powerful tool!

Calandra Balfour

Recently fallen in love with @zapier

eric rubin

Love @zapier. Great way to discover early customers via twitter. Via zapier, you can link your slack to twitter and set up alerts for key word triggers related to your product.

Start a workflow as fast as you can type

Don’t see a template for what you need? You can start your next Zap just by describing what you want to automate in plain English. We'll draft a Zap for you to customize to your exact needs.

Automate complete, end-to-end workflows

Whether you need to automate a simple task or build an entire automated system, you can do it all on Zapier.
a simple two step Zap

Drag and drop to get started

Pick your apps and drag and drop your steps in the visual builder to start your workflow.

an illustration of a zap with two paths

Turn an integration into an automation

Level up your Zaps with custom logic, conditions, and filters for added control to any workflow—all without a developer.

Zap with 4 paths, code steps, and Formatter

Build complete, customized solutions

Further customize your workflow with no-code data formatting, code steps, and webhooks. Build systems that automate entire business processes across teams and departments.

Your automation tools in one place—not 10

Zapier is for modern businesses that want to confidently scale automation across teams, tools, and processes. Even if you aren't hiring this year, you can still grow twice as fast with Zapier.
Fully compliant
256-bit AES
To ensure safe data storage
24/5 tech support
There if you need it
Zap history dashboard

Monitor and fix workflows quickly

Ensure your most important workflows are always on. View activity logs across every Zap, and fix a Zap in just a few clicks if things break.

Zap history dashboard

Take control of your tools, teams, and processes

See everything your team is automating. Use granular admin controls to securely manage every app, teammate, and workflow.

Zap history dashboard

Rely on a secure and reliable platform

Zapier is SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliant, and offers 256-bit AES encryption with custom data retention policies.

Grow faster with our new, automation-first products

Most apps and platforms just aren’t built for automation—but Zapier is. Our suite of tools is what you need to grow your business today and tomorrow.



Create diagrams for every part of your workflow. Go from sketch to automation in one place, share documentation to keep your team aligned, and optimize workflows with AI—all in a single platform.

An illustration of the UI for the Zapier Central product



Zapier Central is the AI workspace where you work hand-in-hand with bots. Teach, talk to, and direct AI-powered assistants that actually understand your business.