Automating Your Inbox

By Zapier

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Everyone has to deal with an email inbox and very few of us have it under control. Here are some Zaps to help you hold back the email tides and take back control of your inbox.

Save Attachments to Dropbox

File management and email don't get along. This Gmail to Dropbox Zap helps you save all the incoming attachments entering your Gmail inbox to Dropbox.

If you don't need all your attachments to go to Dropbox you can filter on specific Gmail labels which will give you more control.

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Create Tasks and Todos from Emails

Email is meant for communication, but far too often it winds up as a todo list. The easiest way to clear out the todos from your inbox is to Zap emails to your favorite todo or project management app like this Gmail to Basecamp todo Zap.

Simply start labeling your emails that are actually todo items and Zapier will Zap them over to Basecamp.

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Archiving Emails for Reference

Having a storage place for all your past email is great because it gives you a backup and a place to reference anything you might need. A favorite Zap for handling this is archiving your Gmail emails to Evernote.

Simply label or tag the emails you want to save for reference or backup and Zapier will Zap the email straight to Evernote.

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Creating Tasks/Todos/Cards by Sending Email

When you're on the go sometimes it's a lot easier to just send an email than to open up a dedicated app. Zapier can give you a dedicated email address that you can use to trigger Zaps. This lets you easily send an email to do things like creating cards in Trello.

This will work for any of your favorite project management or task management software tools.

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Recurring and Reminder Emails

Sometimes you have emails that are routine and should be sent on a regular basis. These emails could be to yourself or to teammates or to clients. The schedule email Zaps handle reminders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

These types of reminders are great for forming habits, remembering to get things done (GTD), and for dumping things out of your brain which will let you focus on other important things.

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