Notifications, Alerts, and Monitoring

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The most important updates can't wait for you to see them. When your website goes down or a customer is having a critical issue, you need to know right then. But you can't just sit and watch your monitoring and support apps all the time, and often you'll want notifications in a different app than your monitoring tool supports.

Zapier's automated workflows give you a perfect way to route those critical notifications to the app you want, and can track those notifications to show your team's most important stats.

Get Notified About Important Events

When you get an email from your most important client, or there's a new update from your company's app, or you need to take cover before it starts raining, you'll want to know as soon as possible. That's what Zapier's notifications do for you. They'll watch your critical apps, and notify you via chat, push notification, email, SMS, or any other way you want in seconds.

Know When There's a Problem

Your server's gone down, or your support queue has a critical ticket, and you need to know right now. Set up Zapier workflows that watch your critical services, and have them notify you somewhere you'll notice. You can even keep your customers informed about outages with a Zap that'll tell them about outages as soon as they happen.

Log Your Team's Most Important Activities

The goal is to keep your customers happy, ship orders as soon as possible, and have your site available online as much time as you can. You'll want to know how many support calls you receive, how much your sales have gone up over time, and how many people are subscribing to—or unsubscribing from—your email newsletter. A dashboard is a great way to keep track of your most important stats in one place, and Zapier can add data from each of your core apps into the database. You'll have your important numbers just a glance away.

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