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Build custom notification bots for new leads

By Ellie Huizenga · February 22, 2022
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Hooray! Leads are flooding in from your website form, chatbox, and a new ad campaign. *Cue the dance music.* Take a moment to celebrate because having multiple lead channels is critical for business growth. But if those leads end up in different places, it can make it nearly impossible to nurture those potential customers effectively.

To make the most of new leads, your team needs to know when a new lead enters your lead funnel—so you can reach out and send them to the right place immediately. Instead of checking multiple inboxes, downloading spreadsheets, or manually alerting team members when new leads are ready, use Zapier to create custom notification bots, so your whole company gets info where they want it, when they need it.

How to create custom notification bots

  • Get notifications for new form responses

  • Get notifications for new email leads

  • Get notifications for new leads in your CRM

  • Customize your notification bot

To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Get notifications for new form responses

Forms are the bread and butter of collecting new leads. And it's essential to know when a new lead fills out your forms so you can respond and cultivate them immediately. But manually checking for new form submissions can slow down your response time. Instead, set up customized notifications that get sent to the right place at the right time.

Send notifications in your team chat app—where everyone hangs out anyway—so the right team member can take the necessary next steps. Or use SMS by Zapier to send yourself (or the right team member) an automated SMS message with every detail you need. If you use your email as a to-do list, you can also set up an automatic email for every new form submission. Whatever tool you use, send notifications where you and your team will actually see them. 

Get chat notifications

Get Slack notifications for new Typeform entries

Get Slack notifications for new Typeform entries
  • Typeform logo
  • Slack logo
Typeform + Slack

Does your team use Slack? Learn how to build your own Slack bot

Get email notifications

Get SMS notifications

Note: You can only use SMS by Zapier to send text messages to numbers you're able to confirm, so it's best for messaging yourself or a member of your team. Messaging customers should be done through an SMS marketing app like Twilio or ClickSend SMS. Explore the SMS apps on the Zapier platform in our App Directory.

Get notifications for new email leads

A busy inbox is a sign that business is booming! But it can also be overwhelming and messy—especially when a new lead emails you out of the blue. To stay on top of it all, send notifications about new email leads to where you'll see them right away, like your team chat app or your phone. 

Automatically forward lead emails to a specific channel in your team chat app. That way, the information you need is in the communication tool you use most often. Or set up a Zap to get an SMS alert for only the most important emails, filtering out the emails that aren't urgent. 

Get chat notifications

Get SMS notifications

Learn more about how you can automate your lead management with Zapier. 

Get notifications for new leads in your CRM

A new lead just entered your CRM. But that's just one step (of many) in turning that lead into a customer.

Streamline your lead lifecycle by automatically notifying yourself or your team about a new lead added to your CRM. Use your team chat app if you want transparency across your team, your email if you spend time in your inbox anyway, and an SMS message if you want to give a lead a call instantly. This will make sure all new leads get the proper outreach right away. 

Get chat notifications

Get email notifications

Get SMS notifications

Customize your notification bot

Want to get a notification for a new lead sent to your chat app, email, and phone? You can! Create a multi-step Zap that sends a customized message to multiple communication channels at one time. 

Here are a few other ways you can take your notification bot to the next level: 

  • Use a path step to send the notification to different places based on your lead data.

  • Add an item to your task management tool at the same time you send the notification.

  • Use a formatter step so your notification shows the info correctly, like splitting up the first and last name.

Note: You'll need to have a paid Zapier plan or start a free 14-day trial to use some of these features.

The right notifications mean easier lead outreach

Efficient communication is key to making sure your new leads are nurtured and turn into customers. Automation gives you the ability to control how you get notified—allowing you to make the most of every new lead as quickly as possible. 

New to Zapier? It's a tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free.

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