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Get notifications in Slack for new tasks in Salesforce

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Get notifications in Slack for new tasks in Salesforce

By Zapier Contributor · November 10, 2019
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Thousands of companies use Salesforce as their customer relationship management system, and thousands of companies use Slack as their inter-office method of communication. So why not streamline processes between the two platforms?

One way to do this is by getting a Slack notification every time you're assigned a new task in Salesforce. By automating this process, you’ll spend less time jumping back and forth between Salesforce and Slack, and more time getting work done.

Here’s how to send new tasks as channel notifications in Slack using Zapier.

Connect Slack to Salesforce to be notified of new tasks

Over 10 million people use Slack every day. If your office runs on Slack, you can connect it to Salesforce to start receiving notifications for new tasks.

To get started, click Use This Zap in the box above. You’ll be prompted first to sign in to your Salesforce account. (You can test your connection after integrating.)

Set up your Salesforce account to work with Zapier.

You’ll then have to choose the actions that the Salesforce task will trigger in your other apps. If you followed the above link, these categories should automatically be filled with "Slack" and "Send Channel Message".

Set up your Slack account to work with Zapier.

Before proceeding, you’ll have to sign in to the Slack account you want to connect with Salesforce. Once your account is connected, Zapier will ask you to fill out a variety of criteria to customize what happens in Slack.

Zapier will ask you to fill out a variety of criteria to customize your connection.

The information you’ll have to enter is as follows:

  • Channel (required): The channel you want new tasks in Salesforce to be sent to.

  • Message text (required): What you want the Slack notification to say when a new task is created in Salesforce.You can include formatting in your message by following Slack's style markings. For example, including asterisks on either side of a portion of your text will make it bold.

  • Send as a bot? (optional): Whether or not you want the Slack message to be sent from a bot account.

  • Bot icon (optional): An image to compliment the Slackbot’s account.

  • Include a link to this Zap? (optional): If you select "yes", a link to this Zap will be added to the end of the message, making it easy to edit the Zap with one click.

  • Attach image by URL (optional): If specified, this will upload the given image URL to Slack and attach it to the message separately.

  • Auto-expand links? (optional): If you select "yes", a widget for the corresponding link may be clickable (such as a Youtube video).

  • Link Usernames and Channel Names? (optional): This gives you the option to turn usernames and channel names into hyperlinks.

  • File (optional): Option to select a file to include with your message.

  • Thread (optional): Option to include notifications as part of a thread.

  • Broadcast To Channel? (optional): If you select "true", the message posts in the thread and channel. This step is ignored unless the message is part of a thread.

Once you complete this step, you’ll be prompted to test the connection between Salesforce and Slack. And that’s it! Now you're able to receive Slack notifications for new tasks in Salesforce.

Ready to start? Click Use This Zap and give it a try.

We should also note that there are some native integrations between Slack and Salesforce, but none that allow you to create notifications for new Salesforce tasks in Slack. Things you can do with the native integration include:

  • Search and preview Salesforce records for all standard objects.

  • Route relevant alerts to channels.

  • Add Slack messages to Salesforce records.

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