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An effective social media strategy for any company these days including sharing your content and good content of others across the web. But since there are so many places to share doing this manually day in and day out becomes a hassle and many resort to letting interns handle their social media strategy.

This set of Zaps will let you take back control of your social media sharing strategy and automate some of the more tedious parts of social sharing.

Share Your Blog Posts Across Multiple Channels

If you have a blog, odds are you want to post across multiple channels every time you post a new article. You can easily use Zaps like the RSS to Tweet Zap to share your content on an ongoing and automated basis with your audience.

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Share Status Updates from Any App

Sometimes it can be a pain to go over to Facebook just to share a status update. Especially if you go to Facebook share the update and then get sucked into Facebook and forget to go back to work.

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Schedule Times to Share

You probably don't want to overwhelm your followers with lots of status updates all at once and that's where scheduling can come in handy. A good scheduling app can help you share your status updates only at certain times or spaced out so you don't overwhelm followers.

For instance, using Buffer you could easily Buffer RSS feed items to any of your Buffer profiles for sharing later.

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Social Sharing at Work

Not all sharing happens on public social networks. One way I constantly find out about interesting articles or news is via our company group chat room.

An easy way to remind people of new company blog posts to share is to post RSS feed items to HipChat. You could easily do the same via Yammer, Chatter or Campfire.

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In the next chapter, learn how to automate social media monitoring.

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