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5 ways to automate Facebook Messenger

By Ellie Huizenga · May 4, 2023
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You just got another message on Facebook, which means you have an engaged audience interested in your product. But as your business grows, so will the amount of Facebook messages you receive. If you don't create scalable processes to manage Facebook Messenger, you'll inevitably miss messages—and sales. 

Automation is your answer. It helps you build processes that scale, so you can respond to new messages more effectively. With automation, you can track Facebook messages in your project management app, set up auto-responses, and create instant notifications for new messages. The result is a faster response time and a better overall customer experience.

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Send Facebook messages to your team chat app

Quick responses can be the difference between a positive or negative customer experience. So, it's important your team gets new Facebook messages in the tool where they'll actually see them—like your team chat app. 

Create a Zap that sends notifications about new Facebook messages to your team's communication tool. Cut out the constant monitoring and speed up response times with one of these workflows: 

Send Slack channel messages from new Facebook messages

Send Slack channel messages from new Facebook messages
  • Facebook Messenger logo
  • Slack logo
Facebook Messenger + Slack

Get Facebook messages sent to your email

If you use your email as a to-do list (or it's the app you're in most often), you might prefer getting notifications about new Facebook messages there. 

You can set up a Zap that instantly sends an email to your inbox whenever you get a new Facebook message. This allows you to respond to Facebook messages more efficiently by consolidating information in the app that's right for you.

Don't use your email or a team communication app as a central place for notifications? Find the apps you use in our app directory. Or use a webhook to build a notification Zap customized to your workflow:

Get text messages for new Facebook messages

Because your phone goes with you everywhere, it's a powerful place to get notifications for things that need quick action—like Facebook message replies. 

To get alerts on your phone, create a Zap that sends you a text whenever you get a new Facebook message—even when you're on the go—so you never have to worry about missing important info (or sales) again.

Send quick replies to Facebook messages

If you can't reply to a Facebook message right away, it's important to let customers know you'll reply soon so you don't miss a sale—or leave an angry customer hanging. 

You can build a Zap that automatically sends a response whenever you receive a new Facebook message. Auto-responders help your customers know you've received their message, giving them peace of mind when you can't respond immediately. 

You can also use OpenAI to write custom messages for you. Create a Zap that automatically generates OpenAI prompts when you get a new Facebook message and then sends that message in Facebook Messenger. This allows you to provide fast, personalized responses to your customers at scale.

This workflow requires a multi-step Zap, which is available on a paid Zapier plan or during a free trial. Learn more about multi-step Zaps.

Track Facebook messages in the right place

Tracking Facebook messages in a separate app can help you stay organized and efficient, especially when you have a large team—or multiple teams—responding to customers. By sending Facebook messages to your project management app, you can prioritize messages that require immediate attention and delegate them appropriately.

To help your team triage responses, create a Zap that sends Facebook messages to your project management app. Now, you can manage Facebook messages without context-switching between apps. 

Do you use a separate tool to track social media data? With Zapier, you can send Facebook messages to Google Analytics, helping you gather more data for better insights. This can help you optimize your messaging strategy, leading to more satisfied customers and increased sales. 

Easily manage Facebook messages with automation

By setting up automated responses and instant notifications, you can more promptly reply to customers on Facebook—in a more organized way. This allows you to scale your responses without sacrificing your customer experience. 

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