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The 12 best AI tools for social media management in 2024

By Miguel Rebelo · February 28, 2024
Hero image with the logos of the best AI tools for social media management

Consistency is a big part of social media success. Keeping a steady stream of quality content every week pleases the algorithms and puts your brand in front of more people. But producing content, handling the posting schedule, and finding what your audience wants to read can be hard—even with a standard social media management app.

But AI is changing the game. It'll support your social media strategy with content generation, sentiment analysis, and big data insights. This will help you make better decisions, understand your audience, and free up time to tackle other higher-value work.

I researched and tested every AI tool for social media management that I could get my hands on, and I found a lot of useful options. From smart productivity enhancement workflows to data deep dives into what TV shows your X/Twitter audience likes to watch, there's a tool for every circumstance. Here are the 12 best AI apps for managing your social media.

The best AI social media management software

  • FeedHive for content recycling and conditional posting

  • Vista Social for connecting lots of social media channels together

  • Buffer for tailoring posts to each channel

  • Flick for turning content ideas into multiple posts

  • Audiense for intelligent social listening on X/Twitter

  • Ocoya for writing captions and hashtags

  • Predis.ai for generating carousels and videos

  • Publer for generating post text and images

  • ContentStudio for staying on top of your content topics

  • Taplio for growing a personal brand on LinkedIn

  • Tweet Hunter for keeping up with and participating in X/Twitter

  • Hootsuite for AI post prompt variety

What makes the best AI social media management software?

How we evaluate and test apps

Our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. Unless explicitly stated, we spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog.

The best social media management software helps you improve consistency and productivity by keeping track of past and future posts, automating parts of scheduling and publishing, and giving you a view of core stats about your performance and audience. But you're here, so you're looking for something more.

When you add AI to all this, it gets easier and more interesting: you can generate ideas, content, and images for your posts, crunch huge datasets to find what your audience is feeling, and use machine learning to predict performance before you even click publish. This will help you hit the mark more often for a fraction of the effort.

Here are the main features I considered when choosing the best AI social media management software.

  • AI. You'll find apps with functionality like natural language processing (NLP, for sentiment analysis), generative AI (engines that generate text and images), and predictive/assistive machine learning for operations and analytics (posting times, hashtags, performance predictions, and more). I only considered apps that have this kind of AI at work in the background.

  • Ease of use and support. These apps are easy to pick up and quick to master, offering a mix of content and documentation to help you leverage all the features.

  • Integration with social media platforms. The more, the better. Exceptions only where the features are unique and especially powerful for the social media channels in question.

  • Automation and other time-saving features. I looked for anything that can cut the time in scheduling, posting, and creating content at scale.

  • Analytics and reporting. You'll be able to keep track of engagement stats across your channels, so you can adjust your social posture as you go.

I tested all these apps over the course of two weeks. I started by connecting a set of social accounts (Facebook Page and Group, Instagram Business, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter, depending on availability). Once I got them ready, I went on to create and schedule posts (using the help content as necessary). I kept an eye on the reports and analytics to see what information was collected as I did this. Throughout the process, I evaluated how AI simplified getting a social media content strategy ready to post.

I've been updating this list every few months. I'm always looking for apps that have something more interesting than just generating post text with AI but without losing the core social media management features: post creation, scheduling, and analytics. If you're looking for more original ways of using AI in social media outside of this scope, check out this list of the best AI marketing tools.

Here are my picks for the best AI-powered social media management apps.

The best AI social media management tools at a glance

Best for

Standout feature



Content recycling and conditional posting

AI Writing Assistant for automatic post generation

From $19/month

Vista Social

Connecting multiple social media channels

Ability to chat with anyone from any channel

Free plan available; paid plans from $15/month


Scheduling post campaigns

Multichannel campaign management

Free plan available; paid plans from $6/month/channel


Turning content ideas into multiple posts

Content Lab for generating and repurposing post ideas

From £14/month


Intelligent social listening on Twitter

In-depth data analysis of Twitter audience

Free plan available; paid plans from $49/month


Writing captions and hashtags

Powerful AI copywriter with various templates

From $19/month


Generating carousels and videos

Competitive analysis

Free plan available; paid plans from $29/month


Generating post text and images

Text-to-image AI generation

Free plan available; paid plans from $12/month


Staying on top of your content topics

Automation features

From $25/month


Growing a personal brand on LinkedIn

Seamless integration with LinkedIn

From $39/month

Tweet Hunter

Keeping up with and participating in X/Twitter

A deep focus on X as a platform

From $49/month ($99/month with AI features)


AI post prompt variety

Deep library of editable post templates

From $99/month

Best AI social media management tool for content recycling and conditional posting

FeedHive (Web)

FeedHive, our pick for the best AI social media management tool for content recycling and conditional posting

FeedHive pros:

  • You can add variables to your post, so you can fill them with dynamic content

  • Plenty of AI features

FeedHive cons:

  • AI hashtags and AI performance prediction not available on the lowest paid plan

Content creators must repurpose content. It's not a crime to take an old idea and give it a different body, craft a new angle, or remix it with a current trend. Quite the opposite. As your follower count grows, your new audience deserves to get the full picture of what you stand for, and your long-time fans could use a refresher.

FeedHive is a great tool for this. First, it offers an AI Writing Assistant that works like ChatGPT: look to the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on the icon there. This assistant can generate posts based on your prompts and give advice on how to succeed on social media. When you open the compose window, you can copy your favorite parts of the output and build your next perfect post. And this is just the surface of all the AI-powered features here:

  • AI-powered performance predictions help you tune your posts for maximum engagement.

  • AI-powered content recycling helps you take posts you already published and reuse them in a new post for the same or different channel.

  • AI-powered conditional posting lets you set the AI to measure engagement for a post and, if it's high enough, fire a comment on that post with a link to an offer, for instance.

To help you make a system out of your content schedule, FeedHive lets you create post categories. If you post how-tos on Monday, inspirational content on Wednesday, and a short-form video on Friday, you can lock in these categories on a weekly calendar. After that, you can create posts and assign them to these categories. They'll be queued and will go out at the right time, in the right slot.

You'll pick up everything quickly, as the app is intuitive and feels powerful. If you need help with the basics or in your transition to advanced concepts, FeedHive University unpacks everything in a little over 20 minutes spread over eight videos, with practical step-by-step explanations.

FeedHive price: Creator plan starts at $19/month for 4 social accounts with AI Writing Assistant included. AI hashtag suggestions and AI performance prediction only available on higher paid plans.

Best AI social media management tool for connecting lots of social channels together

Vista Social (Web, iOS, Android)

Vista Social, our pick for the best AI social media management tool for connecting lots of social channels together

Vista Social pros:

  • Browse your reviews on the platform

  • Chat with everyone from any channel

Vista social cons:

  • AI features only on the highest paid plan

You have to meet your customers where they hang out. And people hang out in so many places: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Yelp, Trustpilot, YouTube, OpenTable, Reddit…

Yup, Vista Social connects to all the platforms above. It can act as a mothership for all your social channels. The feature set is quite complete, making the app an all-in-one: you get post scheduling, chatting with your audience, review tracking, and TikTok/Instagram feed planners if you like to keep a clean aesthetic.

The AI features will help you on the content side. When you have lots of channels, you need to adjust the length and depth of your posts to fit the target audience and the user experience. After you've locked into the main idea, you can use the AI text generation features to ask for longer or shorter text and add it to each post. This is great to repurpose that long-form Reddit post into snappy Instagram captions or a couple of Twitter threads.

Once you have all your social ducks in a row, you can increase productivity further by connecting Vista Social to Zapier, and accessing an ecosystem of thousands of other apps. Here are a couple of examples:

Send Slack channel messages for newly scheduled Vista Social posts

Send Slack channel messages for newly scheduled Vista Social posts
  • Vista Social logo
  • Slack logo
Vista Social + Slack

Vista Social price: Free plan available for up to 10 posts/month/profile for 1 user. Lowest paid plan, Standard, starts at $39/month for 8 profiles and 1 user.

Best AI social media management app for tailoring posts to each channel

Buffer (Web, iOS, Android)

Buffer, our pick for the best AI social media management app for tailoring posts to each channel

Buffer pros:

  • Easy to keep track of post ideas

  • Audience overview lets you look at gender, age, cities, and countries

Buffer cons:

  • Cost increases based on how many channels you connect

Each social media platform has its unique rules of engagement. Instagram loves images. X breathes rapid-fire takes. LinkedIn echoes boardroom talk mixed with water cooler banter. When you have to be on multiple channels and want to tailor your posts to all of them, Buffer is the tool for the job.

When you create a new post, take a look at the left side of the pop-up, and wind up the AI Assistant. It detects which social media channel you're writing for and adapts the output accordingly. After it generates the first option, you can cycle through more, ask to rewrite, or use the expand/shorten options as needed. 

These rewriting features are especially useful since Buffer includes an idea tracking tool: in the Publishing section, click the Create tab and store all your lightbulb moments. Can't think of anything? No worries. You can generate starting points with AI. Then, when you're ready to fill your content calendar, you can use the AI Assistant to expand and adapt each of these for all your social channels.

These features are the main characters, but the rest of the supporting cast is also strong. You can run multichannel campaigns—they work like email marketing drip campaigns—so you can reach the perfect balance between recurring and fresh content. Bring together content topics, promotions, or seasonal posts, and space them out over the year. It helps you create arcs of content for one topic/objective, making your feed more valuable for fans, mixing your newer content with past valuable insights.

And now that you're turning each idea into 10 tailor-made posts, you'll want to connect Buffer to Zapier, so you can move data and trigger automations while you sleep. Learn how to automate Buffer with Zapier, or get started with one of these pre-made workflows.

Buffer price: Free plan available for up to 3 channels, 10 posts per channel, and 100 ideas. Essentials plan starts at $6/month/channel, offering unlimited posts and storage for 2,000 ideas.

Best AI social media management tool for turning content ideas into multiple posts

Flick (Web, Android, iOS)

Flick, our pick for the best AI social media management tool for turning content ideas into multiple posts

Flick pros:

  • Lots of help and support content

  • Straightforward and simple to use

Flick cons:

  • AI generation can take a while to complete and breaks from time to time

By now, you're past the one idea equals one post mentality. You know that to improve consistency and nurture your followers, you need to take your core, best-performing ideas and repurpose them over time. This is great for finding new angles and reacting to current trends.

Flick's Content Lab will become your new idea home base. It offers a workflow to find and store your best ideas, flesh out potential posts, and then produce them for all your social media channels. To get started on this process, click the Brainstorm Ideas button. Enter your topic, and Flick will start sourcing general ideas. Add the most promising ones to the list.

Step two: Flick generates four post ideas from the general ones. You'll see a title and content suggestion, as well as tips to help you produce them successfully—running interviews, creating a case study, or using storytelling. Save the post ideas that you like, and ask to generate more if necessary.

Once you're happy with a few post ideas, you can pick one and create the base post using the Content Assistant. Generate and tweak all you like. Then, you can repurpose for all your channels with AI-powered rewrite and improve, length and tone adjustment, and a handy hashtag generator. From here to getting them scheduled in your social accounts is just a couple of clicks, so you can quickly fill out your posting calendar with the results of this brainstorming session.

There are other ways to add in your posts to Flick. Click the Re-purpose Content button to start repurposing a blog post, YouTube video, or a past social media post. Or, if there's no starting point at all, you can use AI to generate a post with just a topic. Remember not knowing what to post today? Me neither.

Flick price: 7-day trial available. Solo plan goes for £14 per month (yup, GBP) for 4 social profiles and 30 scheduled posts per month.

Best AI social media management tool for intelligent social listening on Twitter

Audiense (Web)

Audiense, our pick for the best AI social media management tool for intelligent social listening on Twitter

Audiense pros:

  • Lots of data available

  • You can generate separate reports with different settings

Audiense cons:

  • A bit basic on social management features

Audiense doesn't go for breadth. It goes all in on depth. It doesn't connect with any other social media platform except Twitter: It's an AI/ML big data app that crunches the oceans of Twitter data into insights. 

When put like this, it sounds like it gives general overviews. Actually, Audiense's reports drill down on nearly everything. Here's how it works: you connect your Twitter account and analyze your followers, or pick a target audience and start from there. The report takes a while to generate—the algorithm processes the data based on your request, and it's a lot of data—and when it comes out, it's incredible bordering on creepy:

  • Demographics, with data on basics like gender, age, and location and others like common words in bio, common names, and languages spoken.

  • Socioeconomics, offering a breakdown of household income, education level, family status, and job industry.

  • Top influencers and brands, with a list of all the top contenders for a topic or audience.

  • Interests, where you can click any topic to see a further breakdown within that topic. For example, when you click on Technology and Computing, you can see the percentage of people interested in Hardware or Software, among many other subcategories.

  • Big 5 personality trait analysis (extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism).

  • Media affinity, content posted (down to emoji usage), buying mindset, and online habits.

All I've just described belongs to the Insights part of the app. The other one, Connect, resembles a more traditional social media management app to help you keep your Twitter account in shape. With it, you can manage your audiences, find new Tweeple and use the data mining tool for market research.

Shortly after I wrote this, Audiense advertised the acquisition of SOPRISM, which will bring Facebook and Instagram audiences into the fold. These weren't available for me to test, but they may be available when you try it out.

Audiense price: Free plan available with basic features for Connect and 3 reports on Insights. The Twitter Marketing plan starts at $49/month, unlocking all the features of Audiense Connect.

Best AI social media management software for writing captions and hashtags

Ocoya (Web)

Ocoya, our pick for the best AI social media management software for writing captions and hashtags

Ocoya pros:

  • Direct integration with Canva

  • Great support

Ocoya cons:

  • Very limited AI features in the lowest paid plan

Ocoya is a smooth social media scheduling app with a powerful AI copywriter on board. It will keep your posts dropping at the right times, without you having to scratch your head as you come up with ideas on how to write them.

When you click the AI Copywriter button on the dashboard, you can then click to pick a template—and there are 56 of them with plenty of variety. From ad copy, to generating interesting questions, down to rewriting text, these templates will cover all your needs, no matter how many channels you run.

After you type in your prompt and click generate, you'll see the results along with a burst of confetti. I ordered some "shower thoughts" for Zapier, and here's the most interesting one: "With Zapier, it's like having a team of digital elves working on your behalf to connect apps and automate tedious tasks. Nothing is impossible in the world of automation." Take that, Santa.

You can click to create a post from any of these ideas and edit it with a social media preview on the side. Add an image, emoji, and click to generate hashtags and get your post ready. A couple of clicks later, the post is ready to go—whether that's next Thursday at 10 a.m. or right now is up to you.

Apart from the social media integrations, it also integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. This can save you time if you run an online shop: every product that you add there can be pulled into Ocoya, letting you create promotional posts without having to go on a copy paste adventure. Not enough? Ocoya now integrates with Zapier, so you connect your apps and save even more time. Here are some examples.

Ocoya price: Bronze paid plan starts at $19/month for 5 social profiles and 100 AI credits.

Best AI social media management software for generating posts, carousels, and videos

Predis.ai (Web)

Predis AI, our pick for the best AI social media management software for generating posts, carousels, and videos

Predis.ai pros:

  • Puts together carousels and videos

  • Competitor analysis available

Predis.ai cons:

  • App is a bit rough around the edges

What do you do when you have literally nothing and need to whip up 30 posts right now? The correct answer is not falling into a pit of anxiety. It's signing up for Predis.ai. It can help you take care of copy, images, and video with as little as a four-word prompt.

When you finish onboarding, you'll already have a couple of generated posts to look at. You can choose the classic post (caption + image), or go further and ask for an Instagram carousel. It comes with a set of images with coherent design and basic copy that you can tweak to your needs. If you don't like a particular one, you can switch the layout and color scheme to change the look and feel quickly.

There's no actual video generation here—you won't be treated to the vision of two dogs podcasting on a mountain—as Predis uses your prompt to search a stock video library to create a video post. It comes complete with text, images, and video, with a few animations to blend everything. I like how fast it is to get from zero to a post that looks good.

There's a but here, though: I noticed that some media suggestions made by the AI are off-mark. I wanted the best places to go in the summer and it paired Ibiza with a stock video of a couple with a dog, having fun in… the snow? Not a serious hiccup, since you can edit everything about any generated post with a robust visual editor. But remember to treat these generated posts as first drafts, not as the finished thing.

Once you do get to the final version of a post, you can schedule everything easily on your content calendar, and Predis will take care of everything while you're tackling your other work. Once your posts start to drop, the analytics page will start filling up with all the core stats and information about your accounts. I like how you can set goals for your social accounts, accessible on the dashboard, helping you keep track of how far off (or closing in) you are from where you want to be in terms of engagement.

And now that you've put social media on autopilot, continue automating by connecting Predis.ai to Zapier. Here are a few example workflows to get you started, but you can connect Predis.ai to thousands of other apps with Zapier.

Publish Instagram for Business photos with content generated by Predis.ai from new Google Sheets rows

Publish Instagram for Business photos with content generated by Predis.ai from new Google Sheets rows
  • Google Sheets logo
  • Instagram for Business logo
Google Sheets + Delay by Zapier + Predis.ai + 1 more

Predis.ai price: Free plan available for 15 AI-generated posts with the Predis watermark. Lite plan goes for $32/month, offering 60 AI-generated posts and 60 competitor analysis runs per month.

Best AI social media management app for generating post text and images

Publer (Web, iOS, Android)

Publer, our pick for the best AI social media management app for generating post text and images

Publer pros:

  • Offers text-to-image AI generation

  • You can search for top topics by country or category

Publer cons:

  • Limited integrations beyond social media channels

In a world where dogs go unwalked, vacations remain untaken, and time with friends is a myth, Publer is the social media management productivity superhero that'll help put free time back in fashion. Open the landing page, and you'll see what I mean.

I like the branding, but more important than that is the app itself. Publer is a balanced platform, offering a wide range of features with an easy-to-use interface. It has all the core post scheduling and content management tools included, and brings a few extras that'll help you create content faster and take a better look and what others are creating as well.

The AI content generation features will take care of text (emoji included, and all of them are on point). The user experience is simple: type in a detailed prompt of the content, and ask for the hashtags at the end. Click generate, and wait for the results. Since Publer now has a GPT-4 integration, it could take some time to get the results, but no longer than 20 seconds (and the results will be even better).

Staying on the generative AI topic, Publer offers an image generation engine directly on the platform. I generated a set of heartwarming golden retriever pictures in oil painting style, and the eight suggestions were beautiful (and respected the expected anatomy of a dog). You can click to add one or many to a single post, and they'll pop under the post text input.

Now that you have irresistible golden retriever pictures—sorry, I mean, now that you know how to generate your first few posts—you can click Content on the left menu and view the top headlines divided by country or category. You can use this big-picture data to decide what to post next and how to steer your social media content strategy.

You can connect Publer to all the major social media platforms and some medium-weights like Telegram, Pinterest, and WordPress (not social media, but useful to bring your blog into the fold). With all these possibilities, I can see how Publer can carve out the time to let you attend to life's pleasures—or the more strategic parts of your business. It's up to you.

Publer price: Free plan available for 3 accounts and 10 scheduled posts. The Professional plan goes for $12 per month, removing most of the limitations.

Best AI social media management software for staying on top of your content topics

ContentStudio (Web, iOS, Android)

ContentStudio, our pick for the best AI social media management software for staying on top of your content topics

ContentStudio pros:

  • Automation features available

  • Content analytics, like reach and engagement for the topics you follow

ContentStudio cons:

  • Interface takes some time to get used to

Working on your business is already enough to fill a whole day (sometimes literally). Staying on top of everything that's happening on all the topics you work with can be challenging, especially because social media platforms aren't amazing for analysis.

Enter ContentStudio. On the top menu, hover over the Discover button, and then click on Content Feed. Start by adding the topics you want to track. These will be available on the left-side menu, so you can jump between them easily. You can also access Cover Stories and Trending News to see how the internet is pulsing on a general level.

In the content feed itself, you can see a few metrics for each content piece, such as the total engagement of a news article or a social media post, along with the general sentiment online for each one. If you want to share one to your feeds, hover over the story, and click the Share button. This will open the post composer, and you can add a few comments to contextualize why your audience should care about this.

News and content pieces aren't the only things you can track. ContentStudio will also help you keep tabs on the most popular influencers on Twitter and Instagram. More than a hall of fame, it's useful to group your competition into lists, so you can see how their accounts are performing.

To open up time to explore trends and influencers, ContentStudio added a few automation recipes to do a bit of your work for you. Out of the seven recipes, you can bulk schedule posts from a CSV file or recycle your evergreen content on an interval, helping new followers see your best content and without angering your long-time fans by always posting the same thing.

And now, when you look to the bottom-right corner of the screen, you'll find Chat AI, an assistant that helps you write content. It has a prompt library with dozens of pre-made prompts that help you get tweet ideas or generate a conclusion to a blog, among others. You can add and save your custom prompts as well, which is handy if you're into prompt engineering.

ContentStudio connects with all the major social media platforms and adds Tumblr to the list too. It also connects with Zapier, so you can move data and set up automations with all the other apps in your tech stack. Here are some examples.

ContentStudio price: Starter plan goes for $25/month for 5 social accounts, up to 10,000 AI-generated words, and 10 AI-generated images per month.

Best AI social media management software for growing a personal brand on LinkedIn

Taplio (Web)

Taplio, our pick for the best AI social media management software for growing a personal brand on LinkedIn

Taplio pros:

  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn

  • GPT-4 available for writing DMs and posts

Taplio cons:

  • AI features not available on lowest paid plan

LinkedIn is leaving its suit-and-tie vibe behind, growing into a place where creating a personal brand is the path for career opportunities—sorry CV, thank you for your service. Taplio is the best option to establish you in this new scene.

It integrates seamlessly with all the core LinkedIn workflows, letting you write a new post with a highly accurate preview of the real deal, search for popular posts in your industry, and start conversations right from the dashboard.

AI here plays an interesting role. When you search for popular posts or browse the latest viral frameworks that are firing up feeds, you can click to generate a post of your own and adjust how much you'd like it to stick to the formula. Once it generates the first draft, tweak it with your personal views and hit post. As you use Taplio, it will keep curating a list of top posts, so you can keep up with trends and react to them with your unique insights.

One top strategy to grow on LinkedIn is commenting on posts of other members. Doing so ends up bringing more attention to your profile, usually sparks a conversation, and puts you on people's radars. However, replying to comments of multiple posters on the LinkedIn app isn't a great experience: you have to click profiles, activity feeds, scroll, and then start writing. Taplio makes this easy. Create a list of people you'd like to engage with, and you'll be able to see all their posts on the same screen, like a filtered feed. This is a massive time-saver.

When you're ready to take the chat from the comments section to the DMs, Taplio can also help. You can chat directly from the app and generate replies using AI in case you need to kickstart the conversation. Even though LinkedIn has a user experience that makes sense in general, Taplio adds all these shortcuts that make engaging with the people you want much easier, less time-consuming, and potentially more rewarding as well.

And when you want to further simplify your LinkedIn routines, you can connect Taplio to Zapier to trigger actions across the apps you use every day. Here are a couple of examples.

Taplio price: Starter plan goes for $65/month, offering content inspiration, advanced scheduling and personal analytics.

Best AI social media management software for keeping up with and participating in X/Twitter

Tweet Hunter (Web)

Tweet Hunter, our pick for the best AI social media management software for keeping up with and participating in X (formerly Twitter)

Tweet Hunter pros:

  • Lots of X account management extras

  • Very intuitive

Tweet Hunter cons:

  • A bit expensive

Despite the uncertainty regarding its future, X (formerly Twitter) is still the place where thought and discussion happen in real time. Tweet Hunter is great for both keeping up with the conversation as it happens and adding as many two cents as you'd like.

Instead of being a social media generalist, Tweet Hunter focuses on X. The interface feels powerful, laying out all the tools you need: it opens on a dashboard of your queue, listing up scheduled, past, and post drafts. If you get a flash of insight while using the app, the compose window is always ready on the right side, so you can fire that thought immediately or save it for later.

There's a lot of AI to explore here. During onboarding, the app analyzes the content on your account to suggest the topics you should focus on. When you go to the Search tab, you can look for post inspiration by finding viral tweets. Got a good one? Click Edit & tweet, add your take, and (re)generate with AI. If you want to start from scratch, there's a handy thread idea and hook generator so you can impress in longer-form as well.

You can train a custom AI model to generate the best possible content for your account, but you'll have to upgrade to the Enterprise plan. There's a good case for using this app as a business for several reasons: it has lead generation features that help you find good matches for your current customer profile target, engage with their posts to warm up the relationship, and track the play-by-play in a simple embedded CRM.

Tweet Hunter is owned by the same person that owns Taplio, Tibo Louis-Lucas. He's documenting the journey of growing his apps on his social accounts. It's no surprise then that Tweet Hunter integrates with Taplio to also post your tweets to LinkedIn, so if you want to double dip with less work, it's definitely worth connecting the two. You can also connect Tweet Hunter to Zapier to automate all your social media workflows. Here are some examples to get you started.

Tweet Hunter price: No free plan available. The lowest paid plan, Discover, starts at $49/month. If you want to access the AI features, those come with the Grow plan at $99/month.

Best AI social media management software for AI post prompt variety

Hootsuite (Web)

Hootsuite, our pick for the best AI social media management software for AI post prompt variety

Hootsuite pros:

  • Deep library of editable post templates

  • Robust reporting tab

Hootsuite cons:

  • Expensive

Hootsuite is a big social media management name, now employing its resident AI tool, OwlyWriter. It can quickly generate a new post based on a URL, give you ideas for posts, and help you push something quickly when you're ambushed by a holiday. The reason why it's the best for prompt variety is that it includes a few common copywriting formula starting points, so you can deploy an AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) or a PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution).

These AI features may look simple, but the fact that they're riding on top of such a complete social media management tool increases their power exponentially. Let's walk through the biggest ones.

You can manage multiple social media feeds by looking at them side-by-side on a dedicated page, so you can scroll through them as a user would and see core metrics of engagement. This bird's-eye view is great to plot the next steps in your strategy or get a glance of how your posts are performing.

Another impressive section in Hootsuite is the Analytics page, where you can build reports on nearly any metric, from general awareness to a detailed drill-down on the stats for each platform. These reports will stack up in a list so you can revisit them later, helping you keep track of all the stats that are important to you. And if you want to get competitive, go to the Analytics settings and add up to two other pages so you can see how your stats compare against them.

There's an idea catalog with plenty of templates to convert, educate, inspire, and entertain your followers, with anything from limited-time deals to starting a flashback Friday post ritual. When you click to start a new post from any of these templates, you can use AI to customize it with your own details and objectives, further reducing the time it takes to reach a solid result.

The cherry on top? You can manage all your DMs of all your social media platforms here. No more switching around to reply to everyone. Run all conversations directly from within Hootsuite and save a lot of time. And while we're on that topic, you can connect Hootsuite to Zapier to automate your apps.

Hootsuite price: Free 30-day trial available. Professional plan starts at $99/month, offering 1 user seat, unlimited posts and scheduling, and access to messages in one inbox.

What is the best AI tool for social media management?

No, you still can't run all your social channels by using a chat window and talking with your personalized AI engine, ChatGPT style—not yet, at least. 

The AI marketing tools on this list are solid social media management platforms with a set of AI tools or AI-powered features to help you get unblocked on content generation and repurposing, or to assist you in making smart decisions on what and when to post. They're all free to try, so give them a whirl, and see what sticks.

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This article was originally published in April 2023. The most recent update was in February 2024.

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