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How we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog

By Deb Tennen · January 5, 2022
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We're here to help you find the best software, apps, and tools for your work and to show you the best ways to use them to be more productive. Here's a look at how we pick the products we feature.

How we select and test apps

Before we select which apps we'll highlight, we define the category—for example, project management software or to-do list apps—and research which features most people find necessary for an app in that category. For project management software, for example, we might focus on apps with sharing features, multiple views, and multiple projects with tasks and subtasks. This feature list allows us compare apps on an objective basis and narrow down the field of apps to select.

Among the criteria, we review apps that have a Zapier integration, because we know that apps that integrate easily with other apps make for a better experience and are vital to work today.

Then we do hours of more research, looking for popular apps and often referencing respected sites like PCMag and Product Hunt as well as community sites where people are talking about apps in the category, to come up with a list of apps to test.

We test every app we recommend (and those that don't make our lists) based on the criteria we set up at the beginning. In our tests, we use each app just as a regular user might. For example, when reviewing project management apps, we'll sign up for each one, add multiple projects and tasks in the tool (projects and tasks we're likely actually working on), ask other teammates to collaborate with us in the app, evaluate the user interface, and try out all the other main features important to that category—logging our notes in a spreadsheet for comparison. If we run into issues, we'll contact the app developers for support. Then we write about the selected apps, noting their unique features.

Our aim is to show you what it's like to really use that app and who it's best for—because everyone has different needs.


Are you biased towards including Zapier partner apps?

Although we believe that robust integrations are important for almost any app category, our editorial team works hard to ensure that the apps selected meet the criteria we set for the app roundup (e.g., free project management software or CRMs for small businesses)—regardless of whether or not the app is a Zapier partner. And we are never paid for placement in our articles from any app (partner or not) or for links to any site. We value the trust readers put in us and, because of that, always maintain our editorial integrity.

Why isn't X app included here?

There are times when we don't include an app because it didn't fit our criteria or we had a poor user experience while testing.

But also, oops. Though we typically spend several weeks researching and testing apps for each roundup, sometimes we miss things because the app universe is huge. Please do let us know if you think something should be included in one of our articles.

How do I get my app included in your article?

You can complete this form, and we'll take a look. We try to update our articles regularly, but can't promise to include your app.

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