Hootsuite Integrations

  • Thank new Twitter followers via Hootsuite

    Want a quick and easy way to thank your followers? Use this Zapier integration and Hootsuite will send a quick thank you to any new Twitter followers.

    How this Twitter-Hootsuite integration works

    1. You get a new Twitter follower
    2. Hootsuite will send them a thank you. Make sure to customize the message in the response!

    Apps Involved

    • Twitter
    • Hootsuite
  • Publish Hootsuite messages for new or updated Google Sheets rows

    Do you have users within your organization who aren't familiar with using Hootsuite yet? Perhaps they want to still be able to quickly publish posts using Hootsuite? Set up this Google Sheets-Hootsuite integration and each time a row is created or updated in a selected Google sheet, Zapier will publish those rows' as messages to the selected social profiles.

    How this Google Sheets-Hootsuite integration works

    1. A Google sheets row is added or updated
    2. Hootsuite publishes the message from those rows

    Apps involved

    • Google Sheets
    • Hootsuite
  • Create Hootsuite messages whenever new labels are added to Trello cards

    Do you have a Trello board full of messages that you want to be posted to your social networks? Set up this Trello-Hootsuite integration to monitor for a specific label and have the card description be scheduled by the due date of the card.

    How this Trello-Hootsuite integration works

    1. Create or add a defined label to all your Trello cards in a specific board
    2. Hootsuite schedules the message of the card description at the card due date

    Apps involved

    • Trello
    • Hootsuite
  • Create new Hootsuite posts for articles on Feedly

    Are you using Feedly to curate your content that you want to share over your social media accounts? Set up this integration, and Zapier will automatically schedule or publish a post to Hootsuite whenever a new article is added to your Feedly feed.

    How this Feedly-Hootsuite integration works

    1. A new article is added to your Feedly feed
    2. Zapier creates a post on Hootsuite

    Apps involved

    • Feedly
    • Hootsuite
  • Post new favorited Pocket items to Hootsuite

    Using Hootsuite to manage your social media and locating content to share with Pocket? Set up this Zapier integration to automatically schedule or publish posts from Pocket whenever you favorite them automatically.

    How this Pocket-Hootsuite integration works

    1. An item in Pocket is favorited
    2. Zapier publishes or schedules a post in Hootsuite

    Apps involved

    • Pocket
    • Hootsuite
  • Schedule or publish new RSS items on Hootsuite

    Using the Zapier RSS feed is a great way to keep track of new items that might be worthy of posting to your social media account. Once activated, this integration will automatically post your new RSS feed items to Hootsuite so you can easily share across your accounts.

    How this RSS by Zapier-Hootsuite integration works

    1. A new item is added to your RSS feed
    2. Zapier publishes or schedules a post to Hootsuite

    Apps involved

    • RSS by Zapier
    • Hootsuite
  • Post Spotify tracks added to playlists to your social networks via Hootsuite

    Share with your followers Spotify tracks that you're listening to with this Spotify-Hootsuite integration. Once set up, this integration will post your newly added tracks from one of your playlists to your social networks via Hootsuite.

    How this Spotify-Hootsuite integration works

    1. A new track is added to a playlist in Spotify
    2. Zapier posts the track to all your configured social networks in Hootsuite

    Apps involved

    • Spotify
    • Hootsuite
  • Publish Slack messages from specific channels to Hootsuite

    Have a message you want to send to your social networks immediately over conversations you have over Slack? Set up this Slack-Hootsuite integration to monitor messages in a specific Slack channel to publish to your social networks in Hootsuite.

    How this Slack-Hootsuite works

    1. A message is posted to a specific Slack channel of your choice
    2. Hootsuite publishes the messages to your configured social networks

    Apps involved

    • Slack
    • Hootsuite
  • Post new Google Calendar events to your social networks with Hootsuite

    Using your Google Calendar already as your social media planner? Set up this Google Calendar-Hootsuite integration to schedule event posts to your social networks in Hootsuite.

    How this Google Calendar-Hootsuite integration works

    1. Add a new event to your Google Calendar
    2. Hootsuite will post the event description at the scheduled date and time

    Apps involved

    • Google Calendar
    • Hootsuite
  • Share your brewery check-ins from Untappd with Hootsuite

    If you love to try new brews and want to share your updates on social media then this Hootsuite-Untappd integration is for you! Save time and effort by setting up automated updates to the social account of your choice containing details about your recent check-in.

    How this Untappd-Hootsuite integration works

    1. Checkin on the Untappd app for a new beer that you've tasted
    2. Hootsuite will post a new message containing the name of the beer and brewery to the social account of your choice

    Apps involved

    • Untappd
    • Hootsuite
  • Post new Youtube videos to your social networks with Hootsuite

    Share with your followers any new Youtube videos from a channel you're subscribing to with this Youtube-Hootsuite integration. Once set up, this integration will post videos added to a specified channel to your social networks in Hootsuite.

    How this Youtube-Hoosuite integration works

    1. A new video is added to a Youtube channel
    2. Hootsuite publishes the video to your social networks

    Apps involved

    • Youtube
    • Hootsuite
  • Repost Twitter messages liked by specific users to Hootsuite

    Do you have a Hootsuite organization with multiple Twitter accounts? Want to repost any of them that are liked by a Twitter user? Once set up, this Zapier integration will automatically post any tweets liked by a user to your Hootsuite social profiles.

    How this Twitter-Hootsuite works

    1. A tweet is liked by a specific Twitter user
    2. Hootsuite posts the tweet to all the configured Twitter profiles

    Apps involved

    • Twitter
    • Hootsuite

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Hootsuite Integration Details

Launched on Zapier September 19, 2017

Keeping up with social media content creation can be a time sink. But using Zapier with Hootsuite, you can now automate the process, scheduling approved posts and blasting your users about upcoming events in your calendar. You can even automatically add blog posts or news items from your RSS feed so you never run out of content.

Here are some creative ways to use Hootsuite with Zapier:

  • Looking for a seamless way to approve and schedule social posts from all your contributors? Use Zapier to create Hootsuite messages whenever new labels are added to Trello cards.
  • Make sure your latest blog posts make it to all of your social streams when you use Zapier to schedule or publish new RSS items on Hootsuite.
  • Let your followers know about your next big event. Post new Google Calendar events to your social networks with Hootsuite.

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Subscriber") and Actions (like "Schedule Message") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Hootsuite Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

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