Use Trello Backgrounds to Find Your Boards at a Glance

Melanie Pinola
Melanie Pinola / Published November 9, 2016

One of my favorite features of Trello is the ability to change the background color or image for each board. Not only does this help customize and beautify each board, the background color serves as a kind of shortcut in your browser, particularly when you have many tabs open. It's a small, but handy productivity boost.

Set up a different color or background image for each board by going to Show Menu > Change Background. Then when you have multiple Trello boards open, you'll be able to spot any board you need thanks to the different tab icons.

Trello background

Trello's free plan gives you nine colors to choose from for your background. If you have the Business Class plan ($9.99/month), you can select photos or patterns and textures for your background or upload an image of your own for complete personalization. Even animated GIFs work as backgrounds!

This quick tip is brought to by Trello content marketing manager Lauren Moon, who shared her Trello tips with us along with others on the Trello team. See how Trello uses Trello to collaborate, plan, and communicate as a team. or learn 28 ways to maximize your work with Trello.

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