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How to Create Custom Emoji in Slack

Increase efficiency with tiny pictures

By Justin Pot · January 15, 2019
create-custom-emoji-slack primary img

Emoji are core to every workflow—at least, they're core to any workflow worth having. But your company has its own unique culture, and that culture deserves its own emoji. Happily Slack makes it easy to add your own.

To get started click the name of your organization followed by Customize Slack.

Customize Slack

This will open a page in your browser where you'll see all currently added custom emoji.

Slack emoji custom

As you can see, we've added a few emoji here at Zapier. Some of them are inside jokes, some of them are animated delights, and a few are even core to our workflow. More on that later.

To add an emoji, click the Add Custom Emoji button. You'll be asked for a file and a name.

Slack upload emoji

First upload your image. Yes: Animated GIFs are supported. Yes: That is awesome. Next, add a name for the emoji, which you'll use to trigger it in Slack. Click Save, and you're done: You can now use your new emoji in Slack.

Slack emoji working

Enjoy your new emoji. Cherish it. Teach your co-workers to respect it.

Download These Emoji Instead of Being Creative

As a busy professional you may not have the time to express your personality by creating something unique. Good news: You don't have to! There are sites out there with personality you can download and add in just a few clicks.

First you need to head to Cult of the Party Parrot and add basically everything there to your Slack. Immediately. Your teammates will thank you.

Next head to and you'll find a bunch more options. There are a lot of great animated options here so take your time and find a few (hundred) that you like.

Emoji As Serious Business

Emoji are fun, obviously. But they're also surprisingly productive, if you use the correct tricks.

For example: We use a question block to signify when someone is asking a question. This allows anyone scrolling through Slack to see that someone is looking for an answer to a question, meaning they're more likely to stop scrolling and answer.

You can also use emoji to trigger automations using Zapier. For example, you could react to any Slack message using a particular emoji to send that message over to your to do list, or any other of the 1,000+ applications Zapier integrates with. Give it a shot and put your emoji to work.

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