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How to remove table borders in Google Docs

By Jessica Lau · November 21, 2022
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I consider myself a Google Docs expert, which is handy since I need the app to do most of my work. Despite this, it wasn't until recently that I learned how to do an arguably simple task: remove table borders in Google Docs. 

Now that I know how to hide borders, one thing's abundantly clear: it's not me—it's Google. Despite how intuitive most of Google's features are to use, they've made it inexplicably complicated to do this.  

While we wait for Google to add a shortcut, here's a simple workaround to removing table borders in Google Docs. 

How to get rid of borders in Google Docs 

  1. With your Google Doc open, highlight the table cells that you'd like to make borderless.

  2. Select Format > Table > Table properties. (You can also right-click your mouse anywhere in the highlighted table, and then select Table properties.) 

    A Google Doc with the Format option highlighted. From the Format's dropdown menu, an arrow points to Table. From the Table's dropdown menu, an arrow points to Table properties.
  3. In the Table properties window, select Color. 

  4. Under Table border, select the border color icon, which is likely black by default ( ⚫ ), and choose the color of your table's background (probably white). Alternatively, you can hide table borders by changing the Table border width from 1 pt to 0 pt. 

    Table properties menu in a Google Doc. The Color option is highlighted and expanded. Under the Table border heading, an arrow points to a black circle and a  swatch of color options appears below it.

That's it!

If you ever need to check if text is inside a hidden table, hover your cursor over the top row of text. A table formatting icon will appear to indicate that table borders have been "removed."

A Google Doc with a table of text, but the table's borders have been hidden. An arrow points to a table formatting icon above the top row of text and text above the arrow reads, "Table formatting icon indicates text is inside a hidden table."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the rest of the day figuring out which of my other tech problems I can blame on an app. 

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