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These days it can be pretty hard to keep tabs on your brand, your campaigns and other events you want to follow online without expensive social media monitoring software.

This set of Zaps makes it simple to monitor the items you want to keep up to date with.

Monitoring Your Brand on Twitter

When most people think about social media monitoring the first thing they think of is Twitter. Luckily there are a host of solid Zaps for monitoring what is happening on Twitter.

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1. HipChat alert for Twitter mention
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Want to monitor your brand across all major platforms, not just Twitter? Try Zapier's Brand Mention Monitoring solution to get started in less than 15 minutes!

Saving Tweets

A big part of monitoring is simply collecting all the data you need. Zaps like saving Tweets to a Google Spreadsheet can help you keep tabs on specific users tweets, new followers or mentions of your brand.

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1. Save new Twitter followers to spreadsheet
2. Save a specific user's Tweets to Evernote
3. Save Tweets to a text file in Dropbox

Monitoring Any Site via Webhooks

Most sites have some way to access data with structure. Usually it's with a RSS feed, but sometimes it will be through an API. The generic webhook triggers make it easy to monitor specific webhooks for certain mentions of your company and send them places like GTalk.

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1. POST Webhook mentions to a Google Spreadsheet
2. Send RSS Mentions to Notify My Android
3. Send an email for webhook mentions

Staying Up To Date With Your Phone

Your phone is one of the easiest places to make sure you aren't missing out on what is happening. It's with you all the time so it's tried, true and reliable. You can easily use a Zap to do things like text you for Facebook page status updates so you can constantly be in the know.

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3. Call me when my clients are on a major site


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