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Trello automation: Connect your project management app with other tools you use

By Khamosh Pathak · December 23, 2019
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When it comes to collaborative project management apps, Trello is usually at the top of the list. And for a good reason. Trello is based on a very simple, yet powerful, productivity system called Kanban. You can think of it as a digital version of Post-it notes on a whiteboard. You create cards for your tasks and move them between lists as the task progresses through your workflow.

There are hundreds of ways to use Trello, as it scales from a personal task manager to something that can be used to run a project in a large company.

As you use Trello to manage your tasks and projects, you may find yourself wishing the other tools you use to manage your business could automatically make things happen with your cards or lists. For example, you might want to automatically create a card in Trello from certain emails in your Gmail account, or see your Trello notifications in Slack.

This is where Zapier can help. Using Zaps—Zapier's automated workflows—you can link Trello with popular services like Slack, GitHub, Gmail, or Google Sheets. Trello can then serve as your centerpiece, with Zapier acting as a connection between all other services you need to run your business.

Zapier works with thousands of apps, so if you don't use the apps we list, head to our App Directory to search for the ones you use the most. You can then connect the apps yourself, no coding required.

Stay on top of email by sending messages to Trello

Emails from clients and customers are important. Whether it’s a potential new client asking for a quote, or a customer service request, instead of leaving it to get buried in your inbox, send it to Trello.

You can do this by following these pre-built Zaps (Business Gmail accounts only). Click Use this Zap to head into Zapier to connect your accounts and start doing tasks automatically.

Send tasks from spreadsheets to Trello

Using Zapier, you can integrate Google Sheets with Trello as well. As a Google Business account user, you might be using Google Sheets as a task list, storing information you need to act on, like a list of prospective clients or invoices that need to be paid. You can set up a Zap to automatically create a new Trello card from a new row in Google Sheets. You can also do the reverse, and send activity on Trello cards into a spreadsheet, where you can easily scan what's happening in your projects.

Connect Trello with your calendar to manage deadlines

Some tasks on your Trello board will have a deadline. Using a Zap, you can automatically create an event in Google Calendar whenever you create a Trello card with a due date. This way you’ll be able to monitor all your deadlines right from your calendar app.

The same goes for the other way around. You can automatically create a new detailed Trello card from a calendar entry. If you use Google Sheets to record your meetings, you can even create both a Trello card and a Google Calendar event simply by entering details in a Google sheet.

Streamline your team communication

If you're managing projects with a team, you may also be using a team chat or communication app. By linking the two services, you’ll be able to control your Trello board where you have your conversations.

We're going to use Slack for our examples here. You can start simple, by getting Trello notifications in a Slack channel.

Want to create Trello tasks right from Slack? There are several options. You can use a Zap to create a Trello card from a starred message automatically. Or you can create a dedicated Slack channel just for Trello tasks. Zapier can then turn any message typed in this channel into a Trello card on the board of your choice.

Synchronize your task lists

When you're working with different teams, one project management app may not be enough. If some team members use a simplified task list app like Todoist or Microsoft To-Do, you can use a Zap to automatically create tasks in those apps when you create a new card in Trello.

And since this synchronization goes both ways, you can kick things up a notch. For example, when your team member marks a Todoist task as complete, it can be moved from one list to another in Trello.

Stay on top of GitHub

If your technical team uses GitHub for version control and issue tracking, you can stay on top of their progress using Trello.

Using a Zap, you can automatically create Trello cards for new GitHub issues, pull requests, and commits.

In the same fashion, you can create a new GitHub issue simply by creating a Trello card. This can be an easy way for a non-technical member of your team to raise issues with the product, without the need to access GitHub.

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