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As unappealing backing up your data is, it’s absolutely necessary. We’ve all deleted photos off our cameras, only to realize our import failed. We’ve dropped our phones, spilled our coffee on computers, and watched hard drives break. We’re human.

Backups don't have to be so hard. Using a tool like Zapier, you can automatically copy your data across your favorite tools. With a few minutes of setup, you’ll have peace of mind the next time your laptop screen goes black for no expected reason. With the power of automation, at least your backups are safe from human error.

Copy Files to Another Storage Service

Is there a task more boring or mundane than copying files from one place to another? Spend time on things that matter and automate this task.

Zapier automations can copy files from one storage space to another on their own. Your clients, teammates and boss will be happy to find the information right where they need it and you’ll be happy with the extra free time. Plus, you'll have an extra copy of all your important files.

Back Up Images

Gone are the days of paper photo albums and scrapbooks, but those images remain dear to us. Make sure you’ve got a safeguard in place that saves those images in case something happens to your favorite services or accounts.

Save a Copy of Contacts

There is nothing more important than the people in our lives. It’s important then to make sure that you save a record of your contacts so you can always get in touch with them. And, with your contacts copied into a spreadsheet, switching contact apps or CRMs will be easier in the future.

Save a Second Copy of Notes

If your college notes are sitting in the back of your closet in binders you still won’t let your family throw out, then you’re a notekeeper. Luckily, in the digital age, it’s much easier to keep a neat and tidy backup.

Set up a few Zapier automations and make sure that you won’t lose important information. Your brainstorming sessions, meeting notes, scratch pads and writeups deserve to be kept safe and sound.

Keep a Spreadsheet Archive of Anything

If you’re a spreadsheet nerd (and you know who you are), you’re going to love these Zapier integrations that allow you to keep your databases 100% up-to-date, accurate and complete through automation. With no effort on your end, all of the information you need is organized and at your fingertips.

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