Accounting and Invoicing

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Most of us didn't get into business to do accounting and invoicing, so it's great when a computer can help automate the parts that aren't so much fun, like data entry and importing and exporting.

This set of Zaps will handle some of the nastier parts of the accounting and invoicing process.

Generate an Invoice via a Form

It's not always easy to generate an invoice straight inside your accounting software. You may not always want to give full access to your accounting software to someone else either.

So an easy workaround is to setup an online form that a data entry specialist or customer can use to create an invoice directly in your accounting software. A great example is this Wufoo to Xero Zap that creates a Xero invoice when you fill out a form.

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Save Invoices to Your Accounting Software

Many agencies and freelancers will use a separate tool to invoice clients from the tool they use to track their accounting. If that's the case for you, then you know the pain of copying those invoices back into your accounting software.

With this Freshbooks to QBO Zap you can save those Freshbooks invoices back to your Quickbooks Online account automatically.

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Create Invoices from Payments

Every time someone buys something from you you'll have to log that in your accounting software as an invoice or revenue. This is a daily, weekly or monthly task, it's easy to mess up, and not really much fun.

You can easily use a Zap like the PayPal to Quickbooks Online Zap to save all those transactions in Quickbooks so you don't have to.

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Keep a Record of Customers in Your Accounting Software

A record of where and specifically who your income is coming from is important for analysis, reporting and recording keeping.

Zaps like the Freshbooks client to LessAccounting zap make it easy to save your clients to your accounting software.

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