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Use Google Ads with Zapier to increase ROI

By Ana Gotter · August 10, 2021
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There's no getting around it: Google Ads campaigns have so many moving pieces that it can be hard to keep up with it all. But with all the time and money you invest in your campaigns, it's essential to find a way to improve how you run your campaigns to get the most out of your investment.

There are tools that can help streamline the Google Ad management process. They make it easier for your team to monitor what's happening so they can react quickly, drive more results from the campaign, and fully understand what's happening online and offline as a result of your campaigns. 

Learn how to use Zapier with Google Ads and why this integration can be so beneficial.

Zapier is an automation tool that connects your apps. Our automatic workflows—which we call Zaps—send information from one app to another so you can stop worrying about copying and pasting and focus on more meaningful work. Check out this page to learn how Zapier works.

Table of contents:

What is Google Ads and why to integrate it with other apps using Zapier 

There are plenty of tools out there that offer Google integrations, allowing one or two triggered actions to happen after a specific circumstance occurs. For example, a campaign goes live and you get a notification in Slack.

Zapier isn't just a single integration, however. It allows you to connect thousands of different tools in a streamlined, simplified, and automated way while still allowing for advanced workflows, and without writing any code. 

Using Zapier, you can set up triggers in one app to drive an immediate action (or multiple actions) in another. 

For example, when you get a new lead through your lead form extension, you could use Zapier to:

  • Add the new leads into your CRM

  • Notify your sales team via Slack or email that there's a new lead

  • Upload the new lead to your email marketing list and distribute a welcome series with a lead magnet 

You can connect a large number of tools that you're already using, integrating them to make each one more effective. 

How to connect your Google Ads account to Zapier 

Syncing your Google Ads account with Zapier for streamlined integrations just takes a few clicks.

You'll need a Zapier account to use the workflows in this piece. If you don't have an account yet, it's free to get started.

Once you have an account with Zapier, go to the My Apps section of the dashboard, which can be found in the left-side navigation bar.

Here, you'll see all the tools already connected to Zapier. To add Google Ads, click on the blue Add connection button in the top right-hand corner of this screen.

A screenshot of the app connections area of a Zapier account. In the upper right corner is a blue button that reads "Add connection."

You can then search for Google Ads so that you can connect it to Zapier. Click it once it appears in the search results. 

A screenshot of the dialog box that appears when you search for "google ads" after clicking the "add connection" button in Zapier. The Google Ads logo appears below the search box.

You'll be asked permission to connect Zapier with Google. You can choose which account you want to connect, and then review what permissions you're granting Zapier. Click the items you want Zapier to access and then press Continue.

For each app you connect, Zapier will ask for a general set of permissions which allows you to be flexible with your Zaps. The only actions Zapier takes on your app accounts are those a given Zap needs to accomplish what you've set up.

Google Ads will then appear in your My Apps page, showing it is connected to your account, along with the number of Zaps (which are triggers and actions) are installed for it. 

Ideas for how to use Google Ads with Zapier 

There are many ways to use Zapier to streamline your Google Ads campaigns. Let's take a look at four of the most valuable use cases that you can take advantage of when using Zapier with Google Ads. 

Gather and track leads 

One of the biggest advantages to using Zapier with Google Ads is the ability to sync leads from Google Lead Ads straight to your CRM, email lists, or email software. This allows your sales team to start nurturing the leads immediately, increasing the likelihood of additional conversions. 

The following Zaps all work with a completed lead form as a trigger, driving an action each time someone fills out your form:

Add new Google Ads leads to Salesforce

Add new Google Ads leads to Salesforce
  • Google Ads logo
  • Salesforce logo
Google Ads + Salesforce

Track offline conversions

Offline conversions are historically difficult to track. A tracking pixel doesn't automatically fire when someone walks into your store after seeing an ad like it would when they click and then complete a landing page.

Fortunately, there are ways to track offline conversions that stem from Google Ads. The following Zaps can help:

Register offline conversions in Google Ads when contacts are updated in HubSpot

Register offline conversions in Google Ads when contacts are updated in HubSpot
  • Delay by Zapier logo
  • HubSpot logo
Delay by Zapier + Filter by Zapier + Google Ads + 1 more

Create custom lists

Custom lists on Google Ads allow you to create retargeting campaigns that show ads to users who are at specific stages of the digital sales funnel.

New leads that haven't converted into customers are a high-value segment of your audience, so showing them retargeted campaigns through Google Ads can be wildly successful. Integrations that automatically add new CRM contacts to a custom list on Google Ads streamlines this process significantly. 

The following Zaps can help with this:

Manage campaigns

Campaign management is often complex on Google Ads, so having integrations available that can streamline management or at least remind you to stay on top of certain campaigns can be a huge asset.

There are a number of different Zaps that can help with this, including giving your team a notification when a campaign is going live or scheduling it on your Google Calendar. You can also start or end campaigns in bulk through a Google Sheets integration or when something happens through Webhooks. 

There are plenty of options available, so consider what would help you better manage your campaigns. These Zaps are a good place to start:

Adding automation gives you flexibility and efficiency

There are so many branch-off elements of Google Ads that automation is practically necessary if you want to take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. Using Zapier allows you to set up custom integrations that may not even be available through individual tools, creating custom trigger-and-action sequences that align with your workflow. 

You can check out a bigger overview of how Zapier can help with Google Ads here

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