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How to increase your advertising ROI with Google Ads and Zapier

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How to increase your advertising ROI with Google Ads and Zapier

By Hannah Herman · January 22, 2020
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No matter how much you spend on Google Ads, you want to know you're getting the most value for your money when it comes to digital ads. But figuring out and then optimizing your advertising ROI can be difficult and time-consuming.

Zapier's newly updated Google Ads integration makes the process of running ads and then tracking the results a lot simpler. With features that make reaching the right audiences and measuring actual conversions more straightforward, this integration is designed to maximize results—not your workload. Here are three ways you can use Zapier and Google Ads together to get more out of your online advertising.

Seamlessly import leads from anywhere so you can reach them more effectively

If you want to increase conversions from remarketing ads, it's important to keep your customer lists in Google Ads up-to-date. When people interact directly with your business online and offline, it provides an opportunity to learn more about what they may be interested in and how you can address their needs. Google Ads' Customer Match helps you reach these customers, re-engage with them, and find new customers across Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display.

Zapier keeps your customer lists in Google Ads up to date by automatically uploading new contact details from your CRM, eCommerce, or other marketing tools. With Zapier, you no longer need to manually upload contacts to Google Ads, sort them into the right lists, or remove them from a list.

With Customer Match and Zapier, you can:

  • Automatically add leads to a customer list for faster, more accurate retargeting

  • Remove contacts from customer lists that are no longer the right fit

  • Duplicate customer audiences created in other tools, like your email marketing app

  • Create advanced workflows that look for the right customer list depending on contact data.

Automate Customer Match

Use one of these Zap templates—our word for a pre-built automated workflow—to get started.

Measure offline conversion events so you know what's working

A critical part of increasing your advertising ROI is understanding when a lead becomes qualified, and when someone converts and turns into an actual customer. But this information often lives in other apps. If someone submits a lead on your website and then signs a deal with you days later, the important transaction details are stored in your CRM.

Correlating conversion information with Google Ads can be labor-intensive, but it's key to honing your bidding and remarketing. To make it easier, Zapier's Google Ads integration offers a Send Offline Conversion action. This action will automatically send your conversion information to Google Ads whenever an offline conversion (like a lead qualification or sale) occurs. With this feature, you can bid better (especially if you're using Google's Smart Bidding solution) and improve your advertising ROI as you receive more valuable leads.

See Offline Conversions in action

For Fattmerchant, a leading payment technology company, Zapier's Google Ads integration makes understanding ROI much more straightforward and easy.

To determine which campaigns were generating a higher volume of sales-qualified leads (SQLs), Fattmerchant used Zapier to connect their CRM with Google’s offline conversion tracking solution. The setup took under ten minutes, enabling Fattmerchant to automatically import their offline ad conversions in real-time.

Now, the company can bid more effectively and strategically shift advertising budgets in real-time to capture more qualified leads, which has resulted in a 50 percent increase in SQL volume.

“The Google-Zapier integration is such a time saver," says Eric Simmons, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Fattmerchant. "We set up in minutes, and now my offline conversions get piped into Google Ads instantly."

In 2020, most businesses face similar challenges. You know you need to advertise with Google Ads, but you also want to make sure you're getting the most out of every ad dollar you spend. Zapier's new Google Ads integration offers features designed to help you understand and maximize your advertising ROI—so you can see exactly what's working.

To help you get started automating Offline Conversions, try one of these Zap templates.

Ready to learn more? Check out this video on how to use Zapier and Google Ads together .

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