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Automate workflows with Google Ads

From ad clicks to instant outreach, unlock limitless Zaps connecting Google Ads with 6,000+ apps to automate manual tasks and focus on high-impact work

Engage leads quickly

Capture ad clicks and spark instant actions. Automate follow-ups, nurture leads, and boost conversions.

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Real-time updates on every ad click. Ensure data accuracy, optimize on the fly, and drive better decisions.

Do data management right

From ad data to actionable insights. Streamline workflows, eliminate manual tasks, and harness automated reporting.

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Zapier has a limited-time offer to help all users scale their ad program through automation.

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Ads + automation: Limitless possibilities

Maximize your ads’ impact with automation. Get inspired and find new ways to scale your business.

Maximize your ad ROI with these templates

Take your ads to the next level with real-world examples and inspiration on how automation helps you do more.

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Learn more about Zapier's limited-time offer on Zaps using the Google Ads integration.

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Free Google Ads Zaps for all users

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Automate your lead funnels across apps

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5 Google Ads tips to get the most out of your advertising campaigns

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9 Google Ads examples (and how to use their strategies)

Resources from the team at Google

Link Zapier and Google Ads

Use Zapier to connect apps and create automated workflows.

Zapier offline conversion imports

Zapier helps you track which ad clicks lead to offline sales (or other valuable customer actions).

Export leads using Zapier

Export contact details from lead form assets to your lead management tool or CRM.

Link Zapier in Audience Manager

Connect Zapier and Audience Manager to access, import, and create audience segments.

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