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Creating events is the first thing on the list. You can choose between a one-on-one event (e.g. 1-1 meetings) where invitees can choose time slots that fit their schedule, or a group event (e.g. webinars, workshops) where people can sign up for the same slot. You’ll then provide the event details, such as the event name, description, location, event color and link. You can share this unique link to anyone who wishes to book a meeting or call with you, and all they need to do is select the time slot that fits their schedule. Once they’ve signed up, notifications of event changes and cancellations are sent automatically, so that everyone is always in the loop.

Are you currently building your email list? Want to get more buyer information from your upcoming webinar? Calendly has additional form options where you can capture other relevant information, such as their current location, whether they use your product or service, questions for the speaker, and the like. These appear on the signup form as soon as you’ve selected a slot for the event.

One of Calendly’s strengths is how easy it is to book a time slot without needing to convert time zones yourself. The app automatically displays available slots based on the invitee’s current time zone, saving them the trouble of figuring out if the schedule is a good fit. This is a huge plus for remote startups and companies that hold group and one-on-one meetings on a regular basis.

Another highlight is how Calendly integrates with your favorite calendars. Apart from saving events automatically, Calendly checks your Google or Outlook calendar to see if there are scheduling conflicts that will require rescheduling. Once you’ve selected the best time slot, saving the event to your chosen platform is just a click of a button. No sign-up or registration required.

All of Calendly’s core features are available to everyone who signs up. With their premium plan, you’ll get premium support, the ability to customize automated reminders and notifications, and the option to redirect your invitees to a page on your website to further enhance their experience working with you. Metrics and reporting are also available to premium users, which provide useful insights, such as where invitees are scheduling from, what triggers them to schedule, and the like. Business owners and marketers can leverage these tools to better understand and engage with their customers.

Calendly allows you to regain control over your schedule, all while saving time and money from missed meetings and opportunities. It's one of the simplest ways to get your appointments scheduled, without the headache of worrying about conflicting time zones and schedules.

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