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Files have a way of disappearing on their own. Best intentions aside, Revenue16.csv and license_copy361.pdf are never right where you think they are when you need them. Search doesn't even work; did you name the file 2016_rev or finance16 or Document1? Did you save it in your Documents folder, or in some new folder created just for last year's financial data?

Perhaps you're a careful organizer, with a meticulously crafted set of folders for every new file. You've avoided that worst danger of losing every file, but spend far more time than you should managing your archives.

There's a better way. Zapier can automatically organize your new files, naming files so you can find them and saving the files right where they should be kept. Here's how:

Save Files Automatically

Files come from somewhere, somewhere that can watch for new files and then save them where you want. Perhaps people email you files, and you then need to save them to a folder. Or maybe they fill out your form, send you a file, and you have to copy them over to your computer.

Zapier can do that for you, with these workflows to copy your files and save them to your favorite file storage app automatically:

Copy Your Favorite Files

Keep a copy of your favorite photos, recordings, videos, and more without having to remember to download them on your own. Zapier's social media integrations give you an easy way to automatically copy files and store them in your cloud storage app.

Backup Your Most Important Text

You've written something important, and need to make sure you'll always have a second copy. That's what backups are for. They give you an extra copy of important files, stored somewhere safe.

But first, you need a file. Zapier can copy text from your important emails, forms, and notes, and turn it into files stored in your file storage tool

Find out when new Files are Saved

For all the time it takes to organize files manually, the one good thing is that you'll know whenever you've added new files. But don't worry: Zapier can do that, too.

With one of these Zaps, you can get notified the way you want when new files are added to your file storage app. That way, you'll still know what's saved where, without having to waste time organizing the files yourself.

Start Projects with New Folders

One of the best ways to organize files is by project. So whenever you start off a new project, bring on new clients, or take on a new job, Zapier can turn that info into a new folder that's ready for all the files you'll create in the project.

Move Files Around and Organize Them

Your files are now getting moved around automatically, but are they in the right place? Use these Zaps to copy files from one cloud storage app to another, as a simple way to copy files from team folders, put all your most important files together in one place, or fill up your new folders with the files you need.

Print Files Automatically

Still need a hard copy of your files? Don't hit Print. Instead, just save those files to a specific folder for printing, and Zapier along with a Google Cloud Print connected printer can do the hard work for you.

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