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At the heart of every business is getting leads, nurturing those leads and turning those leads into customers. Without a strong lead gen and nurturing program your company or business is going to have a tough time surviving over the long haul.

This set of Zaps helps make the lead gen and nurturing process just a little bit easier.

Saving Leads From a Web Form to an Email List

The most popular way on the web to generate leads is by driving traffic to a landing page with a web form. From there, you collect leads. But wouldn't it be great to include those new leads in your email list automatically? Potential leads filling out a form usually get collected and locked up inside the form software! Passing leads from a web form to an email list isn't as simple as it could be.

Luckily, zaps like this Unbounce lead to AWeber subscriber zap make it easy to pass your leads from your web form to your email list.

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Save New Leads from a CRM to an Email List

If you generate a lead odds are you'll put them in your CRM. If you have a lead in your CRM, you'll likely want to get their permission to put them on an email list to update them with product news and educational content.

You can use Zaps like this Salesforce to MailChimp zap to push CRM leads as subscribers into your email mailing list.

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Save Web Form Leads to a CRM

Much like saving web form leads to an email list, saving web form leads to a CRM helps your sales team follow up with leads just as soon as you get them. A quick follow up time can mean the difference between a customer and a lost lead.

You can easily use a zap like the Wufoo form entry to Salesforce lead to capture leads onsite and send them to a CRM for sales to follow up with them.

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Push Email Leads to Your CRM

You might want to push your email subscribers to straight to your CRM or you may want to wait until they match a certain segment. Either way, once your email leads are ready you'll want them in your CRM for the sales team to monitor activity and quickly follow up when the lead is hot.

Zaps like this AWeber to Salesforce zap make it really easy to strike while the iron is hot.

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Save Event Registrants to an Email List

If someone signs up for your event, odds are they want to hear from you about the event and probably about other things your company is doing. Don't deny them!

Use a Zap like the Eventbrite to MailChimp Zap to subscribe event attendees to a dedicated MailChimp list.

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Save Event Registrants to Your CRM

If someone signs up for an event, it's pretty smart to keep track of who they are and what they do. Saving that contact to a CRM is easy and smart.

Use a Zap like the Eventbrite to MailChimp Zap to save your event attendees and registrants to a CRM for easy follow up later.

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Register Web Form Leads for a Webinar

A pretty common way to nurture leads down the funnel is through webinars. Webinars are great for introducing users to a concept and then potentially selling them on a solution.

An easy way to funnel leads into a webinar is through a dedicated landing page for the webinar which is easily done through zaps like this Unbounce to GoToWebinar Zap. Leads fill out the Unbounce form and are instantly registered for a GoToWebinar event.

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Register Event Attendees for a Webinar

Another classic way to register people for webinars is through events. A user signs up for your event that has a webinar component and then you can easily opt them into your next GoToWebinar session using this Eventbrite to GoToWebinar Zap.

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Save Webinar Attendees to a CRM

Once someone attends your webinar, odds are they are a much more qualified lead for other things you might be offering or selling. Capturing them in your CRM is smart business and makes it easier for your sales team to follow up and nurture the lead.

An easy thing to do is use a Zap like the GoToWebinar to HubSpot zap to save your webinar registrants to HubSpot for further nurturing.

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Save Webinar Attendees to an Email List

Similar to saving webinar registrants and attendees to a CRM, saving webinar registrants and attendees to an email list makes it easy for your event attendees to stay up to date either through a one-off email campaign or through ongoing lead nurturing programs.

An easy Zap to help here is the GoToWebinar to AWeber subscriber Zap which will automatically save your GoToWebinar registrants to a dedicated AWeber list for follow up.

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Send Custom Follow Up Email to New Customers

When a customer buys something from you, odds are they expect a follow up confirmation email, at minimum. But many payment processors don't make this very easy and it's hard to customize.

An easy way to send a customized purchase email is with this PayPal to Mandrill Zap which will let you send a customized purchase email from your own domain. Simple to setup; easy to wow your new customers.

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Save New Customers to a CRM

Every new customer means potential new revenue. A current customer is much more likely to be a repeat customer than someone who has never bought before. That's why it's important to save your customers to a CRM where you or your sales and marketing teams can easily follow up with current customers on an ongoing basis.

A good example zap would be saving PayPal customers to Salesforce which will automatically create Salesforce contacts when you get a new PayPal customer.

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Save New Customers to an Email List

We already know that current customers are much more likely to buy from us again that non-customers. An easy way to present current customers with new offers is by adding them to an email list where you can send them offers, discounts, and educational content.

A perfect example is saving your Stripe customers to MailChimp and you'll be able to have a perfectly segmented MailChimp list for emailing your existing customers.

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Auto Call New Sales Leads With a Live Sales Person

If you've ever done inside sales then you know the worst kept secret is that following up within 5 minutes increases your odds of closing a lead by a ton. But setting up a call center to quickly follow up with leads takes staff, money, infrastructure and managerial experience.

Here's a secret. You can quickly follow up with sales leads in minutes using Zaps like this Formstack Calldrip Zap. When a new Formstack lead is created, Zapier will ping Calldrip and call both your lead and a sales team member on a round robin basis helping you connect your leads with sales in real time.

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Alert the Sales Team of Lead Activity

For a sales team, knowing when leads are hot is half the battle. A good sales person and a hot lead go together like peanut butter and jelly.

That's why it's helpful to alert the sales team of lead activity. This can easily be done by texting yourself for new Salesforce leads or through other similar Zaps.

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Save Sales Call Notes Back to Your CRM

A popular option amongst anyone who does sales is note taking. Usually you want those notes in your CRM, but your CRM may not be the best for note taking. That's why it's awesome to be able to save Evernote notes back to Salesforce or some other CRM that you might use.

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