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How Streak brings the Zapier journey to life for users

By Elena Alston · November 16, 2021
Streak logo and Zapier logo side by side on an orange background

"We've had Zapier implemented for several years, and it has been our entire integration story. We've noticed users are relieved when we tell them we have a deep Zapier integration because they know they'll be able to integrate Streak into ALL the other tools they use in their workflow." —Aleem Mawani, Co-Founder and CEO at Streak

Streak, a CRM tool built into Gmail, knows that automation is a massive part of their users' daily lives. That's exactly why the Streak team built a Zapier integration in the first place—to meet their users at their point of need. 

Streak also uses Zapier's partner solutions to incorporate automation directly into their product, creating a seamless end-to-end user journey in-app.

Integration results:

  • Streak customers who use the Zapier integration are 20% less likely to churn than those who don't use Zapier. 

  • Streak customers who use Zapier to automate their workflows also have 3x the LTV of accounts that don't use Zapier.

The main partner solutions used by Streak include the App Directory Element to enable discovery, the Automatic Account Creation feature to secure seamless sign-ups, and the Partner API to power an immersive experience. Let's take a look at how it all comes together. 

Inspiring discovery through the App Directory Element

Users need to know that their automation needs can be met. 

Streak knew the best way of proving this to their users would be through an app directory that showcased their Zapier integration.

Yet building an app directory for their site by themselves would take time, resources, and effort to keep updated. 

What they needed was a plug-and-play app directory that would grow automatically alongside Zapier's extensive library of integrations. A directory that showcased their Zapier integration at a glance and proved how easy automation could be. 

Enter: Zapier's App Directory Element.

Using the App Directory Element generator, Streak customized their pre-made app directory's look and feel, pulled in Zapier's 4k+ app connections, and illustrated their most popular Zap templates. 

With just one line of code, they added this dynamic app directory straight into their app. Today, users can find this app directory by clicking on Integrations & Automations in the sidebar panel, then going into Connect to 4,000 apps

Streak's user flow

The end result? Users can search for popular apps to pair with Streak, and see the most common app connections at a glance.

A picture of Streak's embedded app directory

By scrolling down, they can also discover Streak's most popular Zap templates, so they can start automating in a matter of minutes. 

With this easy-to-implement element, Streak inspires its users to discover the power of automation right away, knowing this provides a huge value to their day-to-day work.  

Want to build a similar experience for your users? Use the App Directory Element generator to customize your app directory and add it to your site in a matter of minutes. Learn more about setting up your app directory here.

Allowing seamless sign-up through the Automatic Account Creation feature

"We decided to use this feature because we wanted to build the best in-app integration experience. We didn't want our users leaving the setup flow in our app, going and creating an account on Zapier, and then having to come back." —Aleem Mawani, Co-Founder and CEO at Streak

Previously, Streak users who were new to Zapier had to leave Streak and sign up for a Zapier account on a separate page. This broke up the user journey, as users who clicked on a Zap template (as shown above) were sent away, mid-flow. 

What Streak needed was simple: a way to automatically create a Zapier account for their users without them having to leave their app. This would ensure that more users automate workflows using Streak without dropping off mid-flow.

A look at Streak's automatic account creation feature

Zapier's new partner feature, Automatic Account Creation, was the quickest—and easiest—solution. It allows first-time Zapier users to sign up through Streak without having to go through Zapier first. 

All Streak needed was to support Oauth2 and OIDC and provide Zapier with some additional configuration details. 

We like how user security was a real focus in the implementation. Had we already had an OIDC provider setup, implementation would have taken us less than a day.

Now, when a Streak customer (and first-time Zapier user) clicks on a Zap template in Streak, that user just has to give Zapier permission to continue. Zapier creates an account on that person's behalf. 

The user can then continue building their Zaps with minimal interruption.

Example of user turning a Zap on in Streak

"We hope that by seamlessly creating a Zapier account right in the flow of setting up an integration, this will improve the completion rate. Getting a user to set up their first integration is really important for our business to make sure we are the system of record for the user."

Ready to build a similar experience for your users? Enable Automatic Account Creation by sending us your configuration details through this form. Learn more about enabling this feature here.

Building a customized end-to-end journey with the Partner API

Streak also adopts Zapier's Partner API for a complete end-to-end user journey. 

Zapier's Partner API lets Streak customize how they present Zapier within their product without sacrificing their app's look, feel, and flow. The result is a seamless integration experience for their users, who can connect their Streak pipelines to thousands of apps right from their Streak dashboard. 

​Once users hop into the sidebar and click Integrations & Automation, Streak contextually surfaces a menu of workflow categories that will be most useful to users, like data transfer or capturing data from forms. 

Example of Streak's Partner API flow

When a user clicks into one of these options, the API fetches a list of the most popular Zap templates in that category—using the v1/zap-template endpoint. This allows Streak to customize the templates to match their app's look and feel. 

A picture of Streak's Zap templates

Once users click on the template they want to set up, Streak will surface an API key they can copy and paste into the pop-up window. 

Screenshot of Streak providing a user with an API key

Because of the Partner API, Streak is able to embed the Zapier editor in an iframe. This means users can turn on their Zap directly within that window without having to leave the app. 

Example of user turning a Zap on in Streak

Ready to build a similar experience for your users? Request API access using this form. Learn more about setting up the Partner API here.

A look to the future: A hot streak

Streak and Zapier will continue to collaborate on co-marketing campaigns, with the joint mission of providing users with the very best way to be productive. By doing so, Streak can further reduce churn and increase lifetime value per user. 

Find out how you could drive similar results with Zapier. Get in touch with us at partners@zapier.com or check out our embed docs to learn more about using our partner tools. 

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