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How AI tools Leap AI and Hugging Face reach no-code audiences with Zapier

By Elena Alston · April 4, 2023

It's no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way certain businesses operate. From AI-powered image generation to natural language tasks (like generating or summarizing text), AI tools are disrupting the workforce. But making AI accessible to a broader audience—including those who use no-code or lack technical skills—can pose a problem for certain developer-heavy AI tools. 

By integrating with Zapier, AI tool developers can extend the reach of their solutions to a more diverse user base, including non-technical individuals. 

Whether your users are looking to auto-generate social media content, create images, draft emails, or perform other text-based tasks, the combination of AI and Zapier is a powerful tool to streamline work processes and save valuable time. OpenAI's Zapier integration, for example, lets users generate DALLE images—then share them with their teams. Or write an email with GPT-3—then send it via Gmail. 

Below, we've rounded up a couple examples of other AI tools that partnered with Zapier—reaching new audiences, increasing visibility, and developing new AI use cases. 

Leap AI

Leap AI is an artificial intelligence platform that lets users add AI features to their apps. With it, you can generate images from text using a pre-trained model, fine-tune models to generate images with your own data, and edit existing images using AI. The app's aim is to let users build next-generation apps with image, text, video, and audio AI. 

The problem: reaching no-code users

For any potential customer, testing out Leap's capabilities and functionality before actively engaging or investing is a must. But this proved to be a barrier for no-code users and non-technical professionals: They didn't have the technical skills required to use Leap's API directly. Reaching more people—and getting AI implemented in more apps—would require a creative solution. 

The solution: reducing technical barriers with automation

Leap needed to give this user segment a simple way to access and experiment with Leap's features. Partnering with Zapier allowed Leap to reduce those technical barriers, as Zapier's platform makes it easy (and more accessible) for no-code users to connect Leap AI to other apps. 

The results:

  • Leap AI tapped into a completely new segment of no-code users—with many upgrading to paid accounts

  • Leap AI increased brand awareness and customer trust from partnering with Zapier

Building AI products has been mostly out of reach to non-technical users. With Zapier, we were able to enable a completely new class of users to build cutting-edge AI products without writing a single line of code.

Claudio Fuentes, Co-founder at Leap

Raising awareness of Leap AI's Zapier integration

Showcasing their Zapier integration within Leap AI's product using the Full Zapier Experience allows their existing users to discover and automate popular Leap AI workflows without context-switching. Now, whenever Leap AI users create automated workflows, they can manage their Zaps directly within Leap AI's platform.

To grow their business, Leap AI also ran influencer-led campaigns on Twitter and hosted a no-code Hackathon encouraging folks to build cool apps using Leap and Zapier together. 

This helped massively increase brand awareness across social media platforms. 

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an AI community that lets users build, train, and deploy the latest models in machine learning. It's the home for all machine-learning models across computer vision, natural language processing tasks (like text generation or summarization), plus audio and multimodal tasks. 

Using its open-source library, you can select pre-trained models and customize your own apps with these AI tasks. Essentially, Hugging Face is the starting point from which individuals can create AI-powered tools for their businesses.

The opportunity: Democratizing artificial intelligence

Hugging Face wanted to make machine learning models available on their site to no-code users, which would ideally expand their user base and make machine learning more accessible to non-technical folks. This is in line with their mission to democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.  

The solution: Adding machine learning tasks into Zapier workflows

By prioritizing a partnership with Zapier, Hugging Face and Zapier users alike can integrate machine-learning models into their custom workflows and pipelines—using no-code. This allows Hugging Face to reach an entirely new subset of users who wouldn't necessarily understand how to use machine learning models without automation. 

For example, users can automate tasks that require a Hugging Face model inside one specific workflow. They can classify incoming emails, for instance, or translate text from one language to another. Because those models are automatically pulled into a Zap (what we call automated workflows), it makes it a lot easier for people to experiment with. 

Hugging Face aims to democratize good machine learning and make it as accessible as possible to a large, diverse group of folks. With the Hugging Face integration, we open up the ability for anyone to have access to >100,000 ML models in just a few clicks.

Nate Raw, Developer Advocate at Hugging Face

The results: 

  • Hugging Face is now available to Zapier's community of automators, who benefit from open access to machine learning for individual and business-critical workflows

  • As the partnership with Zapier continues, Hugging Face is set to develop additional machine-learning tasks, so combining automation and AI is even more powerful

Help build the future of AI

Partnering with Zapier is a great way for AI tools to reach a wider audience, increase visibility, and help your users combine the power of AI with automation.

With the Zapier platform, both your existing and new users will be able to connect your AI tool to thousands of other apps, helping them create powerful workflows that make a real impact on their business. 

Ready to take your app to the next level? 

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