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Better user adoption when you embed Zapier

Bring thousands of integrations into your product and save engineering time and resources by embedding Zapier. Your users can search for apps that work with yours, see popular ways to create workflows with your integration, build and edit Zaps, and see the tasks they are already automating with your app, all done without leaving your product.

Embed the Full Zapier Experience

We have found that user adoption is at its highest when users can create workflows without leaving your app. You can embed the entire Zapier experience in your product so you can meet your users where they are.

The Full Zapier Experience lets you pull all of Zapier's embed solutions into your product—including the Zap Editor—with just three lines of code. No API required. This means that your users can now discover, create, and edit their Zaps inside your app, helping them accomplish what they set out to do: build workflows without distractions.

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Embed Zap Templates anywhere

Embed Zap Templates to help your users make the most out of your app. Show your most popular Zap Templates so your users can explore ways to use your integration, or showcase specific Zap Templates that highlight the use cases you want them to see.

Zap Templates can be embedded in your community or support site, in your blog, or anywhere you want to show users how they can automate workflows with your app.