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How Adalo delivers a powerful user experience with Zapier

By Krystina Martinez · December 4, 2023
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Your business's website should put its best foot forward. However, a clunky design can frustrate your customers and drive away prospects. But you don't have to have the extra funds or technical expertise to change up your site to deliver the best user experience.

Adalo makes it easy for anyone to build feature-packed, user-friendly apps without knowing how to code. And since Adalo focuses on lowering the barrier of entry for non-developers, it was only natural to do the same for their Zapier integration.

"Allowing our customers to build apps with no code and connect them to other apps with no code is a no-brainer," says Jake Apple, Senior Product Manager at Adalo.  

After embedding Zapier with Quick Account Creation into their app builder, signups to use Adalo's integration jumped 40 percent.

How Adalo eliminated user barriers with Quick Account Creation

The Zapier experience within Adalo's platform

Quick Account Creation—now available in our partner solutions—gives users an accelerated sign-up experience so they can automate right away without leaving your product. It's fast and frictionless for users and developers alike. In fact, Adalo pushed Quick Account Creation to customers the same day they received early access.

With just a copy-and-pasted code snippet, Adalo lowered the barrier of entry to the floor. The result: User signups for its integration spiked by 40 percent.

Here's how Adalo uses its embedded Zapier integration to showcase an intuitive yet powerful experience to an audience looking for flexible solutions.

Jump ahead:

  • Drive curiosity through the product page

  • Show off the user experience

  • Target the power users

Drive curiosity through the product page

Adalo's product features page, which lists their Zapier integration as a platform feature.

Adalo's users are tinkerers at heart. If they can't find a solution, they'll build one instead. Adalo knows how much flexibility and ease of use matter to customers and prospects, so they tout their Zapier integration as a platform feature alongside in-app capabilities listed on the main product page.

With Quick Account Creation delivering a smoother signup and automation experience, Adalo could focus on the discovery phase of the customer journey. So, they leaned on one of the best discovery platforms out there—YouTube. Their introduction video to the Adalo-Zapier integration is less than a minute, which satisfies short attention spans yet leaves viewers curious to learn more.

Check out our tips for showcasing your Zapier integration throughout your customer journey.

Show off the user experience

Adalo's integration page for their Zapier integration. It includes a YouTube tutorial and resources to get started.

Whether viewers stumble upon Adalo through YouTube or explore the platform, they'll eventually land on Adalo's Zapier page

The integration page highlights the power of automation while making Adalo's user interface the star of the show. After a brief introduction of Zapier, a short video walks users step-by-step through finding the integration within Adalo's platform, and then how to build a Zap. 

Viewers can see that Adalo's interface is easy to use, gives them automation ideas, and provides a speedy app-building and automation experience. 

Adalo's embed experience, by the numbers: 

  • Increased signup rates: With Quick Account Creation, signups for Adalo's integration increased by 40 percent.

  • Faster delivery: Adalo's team rolled out Quick Account Creation the same day they received early access, shipping a faster experience to users without using heavy resources.

Target the power users

Adalo's App Academy course called "Zapier 101: The Fundamentals".

Adalo added resources to their robust help center that cover the ins and outs of using Zapier, as well as common questions on how the integration interacts with certain parts of Adalo's platform. 

They didn't leave out their most tenacious tinkerers, either. Thanks to the benefits they enjoy as a member of Zapier's Partner Program, Adalo co-partnered and created a course for their App Academy, geared explicitly toward intermediate-level users to help them make the most of the Adalo-Zapier integration.

The flexibility, convenience, and opportunities for further customization resonated with this audience of tinkerers eager to build solutions on their terms.

Our customers need to connect their apps to all the tools they already know and use. Embedding Zapier in our product was the fastest way to get those features in front of our users.

Jake Apple, Senior Product Manager at Adalo

Breaking down technical barriers with no-code

Adalo helped their users unlock the combined power of custom apps and automation, driving signups and proving that no-code is anything but basic.

Our case studies explore how Zapier partners of all sizes build better user experiences, retain customers, and drive business growth with our suite of tools. Learn why thousands of developers partner with Zapier

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