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Leverage our robust API and out-of-the-box solutions - we have solutions that fit your needs.

Why embed Zapier?

Retain customers longer, reduce churn, drive upgrades, and improve their lifetime value. Thousands of partners have already embedded Zapier to grow their businesses faster.

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Embed using Powerful APIs

Smart, end-to-end functionality

When it comes to delivering the best user experience, there are no boundaries with Zapier's Partner API. Give your developer team complete control over how your users experience Zapier within your product—from account creation to managing Zaps. Customize styling, streamline Zap setup for users, and more with the Partner API.

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Smart, end-to-end functionality

Embed out-of-the-box solutions

Full Zapier Experience

User adoption is at its highest when users can create workflows without leaving your app. You can embed the entire Zapier experience in your product so you can meet your users where they are.

The Full Zapier Experience lets you pull all of Zapier's embed solutions into your product—including the Zap Editor—with just three lines of code. No API required. Your users can now discover, create, and edit their Zaps inside your app, helping them build workflows without distractions.


Zap Templates

Help your users see how they can connect your app with thousands of others. With Zap Templates, you can show off your most popular use cases or choose to highlight specific use cases.

Zap Templates can be embedded in your community or support site, in your blog, or anywhere you want to show users how they automate workflows across your app.


Giving users a better experience is always a top priority for us, and [embedding Zapier] fits perfectly with that value. It unlocks a world of opportunities for our users, cementing Any.do as the hub and source of truth for their day-to-day tasks.

Roy Povarchik

Head of Growth, Any.do

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