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How Paperform's Zapier integration increased its user retention rate

By Zapier Editorial Team · January 3, 2023

Some partners realize the value of being able to integrate with other tools early on. That's exactly what happened with Paperform.

Less than a year after the online form builder launched publicly, Dean McPherson and Co-founder Diony McPherson prioritized developer time to embed Zapier in their product.

"Integrations are an integral—no pun intended—part of our business," McPherson says. And for Paperform, the importance of integrations carries over to their customers' businesses.

"We find customers who connect to Zapier are closely aligned to our product, and therefore more likely to subscribe, be happy with Paperform, stay for a long time, and integrate Paperform with more and more of their systems."

A look at Zapier embedded in Paperform's product.

Higher lifetime value (LTV) for users with a Zap

With user retention up, so too follows the revenue generated from users of Paperform Zaps.

"By being less likely to churn, a user who is connected to Zapier will statistically stay around longer, and as a result, pay more," McPherson says. "A user who is connected to Zapier will statistically stay around longer, and as a result, pay more."

Setting up a Zap inside Paperform's product.

Reduced developer time on integrations

It's hard to imagine a tool like Paperform without a large library of integrations—forms are a horizontal product with countless use cases.

"Zapier has enabled us to bring our service to market without getting buried in the technical details of managing hundreds of direct integrations," McPherson says.

Since supporting Zapier—the first of any third-party integration—Paperform has added direct integrations, too. This hasn't reduced the Zapier integration value one bit though. "The few direct integrations we do support cost us a lot in development, maintenance and support. If we were to try and provide all these integrations ourselves, we'd be facing an impossible task."

A list of popular Paperform Zap templates.

Working with Zapier

"We're huge fans of Zapier here at Paperform!" McPherson says. "From very early on in our journey, we've had nothing but positive experiences with the team, and find them so easy to work and collaborate with."

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