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How Callingly uses Zapier like an extension of their own product

By Will Harris · October 20, 2023
A hero image for a blog post about how Callingly uses Zapier.

When a lead shows interest in your company, they expect a quick response—and Callingly helps sales teams deliver just that. Callingly gets reps on the phone with prospects in seconds by notifying sales teams as soon as a lead comes in. That way, they can capitalize on those still-hot inbound opportunities.

Since speed-to-lead is a crucial metric, sales teams often rely on Zapier to send lead info to Callingly from wherever it was collected. To make this connection with Zapier more seamless, Callingly embedded Zapier into their app. Now, it's easier for their customers to discover, create, and edit Zaps right inside their platform.

Why (and how) Callingly embeds Zapier into their product

Integrations are a critical part of the Callingly experience. Leads can come from a lot of different places, and it's important for teams to connect Callingly to all their lead-capture tools to get in touch with prospects quickly.

When the Callingly team was looking for a way to enhance their integration for customers, they learned about the Full Zapier Experience (FZE) and how it lets users build and edit Zaps without ever leaving the Callingly app. From there, they decided to embed Zapier in their product right away.

The Callingly team knew that embedding Zapier offered them (and their customers) a wealth of advantages.

The Zapier integration has helped close many deals and saved accounts that otherwise were struggling to implement what they needed to with our native setup.

Leon Klepfish, Founder of Callingly

Making Zapier a seamless part of the onboarding process

Setting up integrations is one of the first steps in the Callingly onboarding process, and the FZE is right at the heart of it. Once onboarding users click on Zapier and connect their account, they can create and edit Zaps right inside the Callingly platform.

A gif of the Full Zapier Experience embedded in the Callingly platform.

By embedding the FZE into their onboarding flow, Callingly makes it easier than ever for their customers to build Zaps without needing to switch context, and makes their onboarding experience incredibly smooth.

"It really looks like it's part of our app," says Klepfish.

Embedding Zapier prominently in-product

The Callingly team didn't stop with the onboarding experience. After all, if a user isn't ready to dive into integrations during onboarding, it should still be easy for them to come back and do it again later on.

So, Callingly included Zapier callouts throughout the platform to gently nudge customers who haven't set up an integration yet.

A screenshot of an "Integrate Zapier" callout in the Callingly platform.

Then, once they've connected a Zapier account to Callingly, they can search for tool integrations, browse popular Zaps, and build a Zap—all inside their app.

A screenshot of Zap Templates embedded in the Callingly platform.

By embedding Zap templates into their integration page, customers see firsthand what kind of workflows they can automate—like scheduling calls for new Google Ads leads, or logging Callingly calls in a spreadsheet.

Call leads on Callingly for new Google Ads leads

Call leads on Callingly for new Google Ads leads
  • Google Ads logo
  • Callingly logo
Google Ads + Callingly

Save new Callingly calls to Google Sheets spreadsheets

Save new Callingly calls to Google Sheets spreadsheets
  • Callingly logo
  • Google Sheets logo
Callingly + Google Sheets

Scrolling through all these possibilities inspires customers with new use cases and makes the product more sticky.

Hiding the Zapier option only on the integrations page wasn’t ideal and we realized it needed to be mentioned throughout the app. We would have done that on day one if we would have known.

Leon Klepfish, Founder of Callingly

Educating and enabling customers

The Callingly team knew that customers who use Zapier tend to get more value from their platform, so they started to think of ways to educate their customers on what Zapier is, and how they can use it.

"We promote our Zapier integration, help people set up their Zaps on live training calls, and push Zapier—even if we have a native integration with the customer’s platform—if they’re looking to have more control over their workflow and set up," says Klepfish.

From webinars to one-on-one training calls to onboarding emails to blog posts, the Callingly team is always looking for ways to introduce their users to Zapier—especially since they know it helps them win (and keep) more customers.

Zapier was one of our original integration partners and is responsible for a lot of the growth of the company.

Leon Klepfish, Founder of Callingly

A full integration library right inside your product

By viewing Zapier as an extension of their platform, Callingly gives their customers access to the largest integration library in the world—directly within their own platform.

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