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Introducing the Full Zapier Experience: Our most requested embed feature

Users can now discover, create, and edit automations inside your UI—no API required

By Elena Alston · November 18, 2022

It's no secret that the user experience should always come first. And when it comes to your integration, your customers are better off discovering and automating workflows directly inside your UI, right when they're using your product and where it makes the most sense. After all, no one likes switching tools to get a job done. 

(Plus, we've seen that it increases plan upgrades, customer retention, and lifetime value.) 

That's why we're excited to announce a new way to bring Zapier into your product. The Full Zapier Experience lets you pull all of Zapier's embed solutions into your product—including the Zap Editor—with just two lines of code. No API required. 

This means that your users can now discover, create, and (for the first time ever!) edit their Zaps inside your app, helping them accomplish what they set out to do: build workflows without distractions. 

Get set up in minutes

The Full Zapier Experience: At a glance

The Full Zapier Experience is easy to implement and, best of all, provides your users with a full, end-to-end automation experience inside your app.

  • Discover. Users visit the landing page with the Full Zapier Experience on your site. They discover use cases (Zap Templates) and explore possible apps (App Directory) they can connect to yours. 

  • Log in or sign up. When clicking on a template or app listing, a modal opens up within your site, prompting them to log in or sign up if they don't have a Zapier account. 

  • Create. Once they're done, the Zap Editor will open on this same modal, and users can create Zaps.

  • Manage. They're also able to view a Zap's status, edit, and manage their Zaps connected to your app—without leaving your product or having to go through Zapier first. 

Think of it as offering your users a mini dashboard right inside your app, so it's easier than ever for them to access Zapier's entire ecosystem without having to switch tasks or apps midway through a job. This helps build and retain trust with your users, as they'll be able to accomplish what they set out to do within the same platform.  

All our embedding solutions are rolled into the Full Zapier Experience, including the App Directory, Zap Templates, Zap Manager, and the Zap Editor. 

The Zap Editor is built right into this experience. For the first time ever, you can pull this feature into your product without relying on our API. 

Instead of spending time embedding each solution individually (as it was previously set up), you can now roll out the whole lot via one generator and just two lines of code. Or, you can pick and choose which elements to include for your user—the choice is yours. 

The Full Zapier Experience allows you to: 

  • Focus on building your core product. All it takes is two lines of code to implement, so you don't have to sacrifice any valuable engineering resources to get the Full Zapier Experience up and running. 

  • Offer your users a frictionless automation experience. Users will stay inside your product longer as they discover and build essential workflows between your app and others in their tech stack.  

  • Expand your app's capabilities. Help users discover thousands of integrations where they're looking for them—inside your app. Users will be inspired to automate more processes and expand beyond their first use case, further anchoring your product into their work processes. 

  • Maintain the sense of trust you've built with users. Users won't get distracted from the task they started as they no longer have to switch to Zapier to automate. They'll stay within your product, resulting in stickier, high-value users who depend on your product to get the job done. 

How to set it up: 

  • First up, log into your Partner Program Dashboard and select the Full Zapier Experience under your Embed options. 

  • Follow the in-app instructions. You'll retrieve a client ID and provide "allowlist" domain names. 

  • You can select the full experience or pick and choose which solutions to include via one generator. You'll get two lines of code for whatever combination you've selected. 

  • Copy and paste the code directly into your product. (e.g. wherever your users may already be looking for automation solutions). 

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