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How tl;dv increased user upgrades with Zapier

By Krystina Martinez · May 2, 2024
tl;dv and Zapier logo hero.

It's much faster to collaborate with your team and close sales deals on a video call. But when the call ends, you often spend time on hidden admin work.

tl;dv's on a mission to save people time in live meetings. This AI meeting assistant tackles meeting recording, note-taking, and information-sharing for you. 

‘’Our customers know that the gold nuggets of information discussed multiply their business growth if they reach the right person in the right tool," says Rapha Allstadt, Co-founder and CEO of tl;dv. "Zapier helps us connect live meeting knowledge exactly in that way." 

After embedding their Zapier integration into their product, more customers started using it. Within a quarter, tl;dv saw a 20 percent increase in active users.

How tl;dv embedded Zapier and supercharged growth

tl;dv embedded Zapier in the "Integrations" tab of the product.

With their mission top of mind, tl;dv turned to our partner solutions to help their customers save even more time with meeting-related work. 

tl;dv used the Full Zapier Experience embed tool to make their product a central hub for post-meeting knowledge sharing. 

The result: tl;dv's Zapier integration increased user upgrades to paid plans. 

‘’Our customers know that the gold nuggets [from live meeting discussions] multiplies their business growth if it reaches the right person within the right tool. And Zapier helps us connect…exactly in that way.’’

Rapha Allstadt, co-founder and CEO of tl;dv

Jump ahead:

  • Lead with the jobs to be done

  • Introduce the integration at the right moment

  • Include automation in the roadmap

Lead with the jobs to be done

tl;dv is an AI meeting assistant that tackles meeting recording, note-taking, and information-sharing in one tool.

tl;dv embedded their integration using the Full Zapier Experience because customers needed less context-switching.

"Communication flows for our customers are scattered and trapped in isolated tools," says Pedro Marzagao, Head of Marketing at tl;dv. "They might log to-dos in Notion or Trello, bugs in Jira, and client conversations in CRM tools."

The Full Zapier Experience allows tl;dv users to discover new app integrations, find one-click workflows, and connect their favorite tools—all in one spot.

No "third-party embed" vibes here: Explore our embed gallery to see how Zapier partners use our embed tools.

Introduce the integration at the right time

Users can click on Zap templates within tl;dv to automate meeting workflows.

tl;dv introduces new users to the power of automation right after they experience the magic of AI. 

"[Our integration] is on the first page new users see, right after reaching our core product's 'a-ha' moment in our onboarding flow," Pedro says. 

tl;dv chose the right moment in their user journey—signups to use their embedded integration increased by 40 percent within a quarter. 

This early introduction has also helped tl;dv keep users engaged and ultimately upgrade to a paid plan. 

‘’[Our integration] is on the first page new users see, right after reaching our core product's 'a-ha' moment in our onboarding flow.’’

Pedro Marzagao, Head of Marketing at tl;dv.

Include automation in the roadmap

The team's hard-earned results allowed them to unlock platinum-level benefits as a Zapier Partner Program member, but they're not stopping there. tl;dv is making the most of its Zapier integration to find new ways to expand customer connectivity.

"Sales teams are among our best customers," Pedro says. "They desperately need to send information from their live meeting providers to their CRM." 

The team has big plans: Think single-meeting workflows, cross-meeting intelligence, and customizable AI reports. 

tl;dv's embed experience, by the numbers:
  • More active users. After embedding the Full Zapier Experience, the number of active users of tl;dv's integration grew 20 percent within a quarter. 

  • Increased signup rates. In the same quarter, signups for tl;dv's integration increased by 40 percent.

  • More Partner Program benefits. This growth catapulted tl;dv's access to Platinum-level benefits, including dedicated support from a Zapier solutions engineer for their integration and product roadmap.

Making every meeting count with AI and automation

tl;dv helped their customers harness the magic of AI with automation. Now, more users are using tl;dv's Zapier integration to save time and make every meeting count. Mission accomplished.  

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