Thousands of apps, inside your product

Zapier’s App Directory Element gives your users access to all the apps they want to connect, inside your product, right where they are looking for them.

Create your own

Plug-and-play App Directory

Give your users access to a dynamic app directory powered by Zapier’s extensive library of integrations.

Enable universal search for all your apps

Pre-built search allows your users to discover and find the app they’re looking to connect.

Recommend Popular Apps

Dynamically sort app listings based on the ‘most popular apps’ users are connecting with your product.

Embed Seamlessly with low Code

The plug-and-play Element is easy to embed, and you can customize it to match the look and feel of your product.

Seamless embedding, within minutes

The App Directory Element is the easiest and fastest way to build and maintain your library of app integrations, without significant development effort.

Customize and make it your own

Highlight most connected apps or exclude competitive apps categories. Edit the Element design to make it fold seamlessly into your app.

Get your custom-made embed code

Use this generator to get a unique code snippet to add to your product or website. All within a few minutes!

Make it discoverable

Find the right spot in your product where users are looking for apps to connect-like the integrations tab, settings page, or another relevant spot in the user journey.

Dynamically add new apps

Your app directory is updated in real time as new apps and templates are added to Zapier’s platform.

See it in Action

Here are a few ways to showcase all your app connections within your product.

Do even more with the Partner API

With Zapier, you can connect thousands of apps to create customized workflows.

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Zapier's integration is a huge boost for Any.do's premium offering. It unlocks a world of opportunities for our users, cementing Any.do as the hub and source of truth for their day-to-day tasks. Embedding the App Directory Element in our product helps us bring the full power of Zapier to our users faster with a more seamless experience.

Roy Povarchik

Head of Growth, Any.do

Looking for more?

When it comes to delivering the best user experience, your team doesn’t need to know any boundaries. Zapier’s Partner API allows you complete control over how your users experience Zapier within your product. You can customize styling, streamline Zap set up for users, expose relevant Zap information and do a lot more with the Partner API.

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