How do you Track How Much Time Has Passed on Cards in Trello?

By Matthew Guay - Published May 19, 2017 -

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Ever wondered how long it takes to complete a card in Trello? With Zapier, you can keep track of your card from the day you add the task to the moment you move it into your final workflow list, for a complete picture of your kanban workflow.

Here's how.

Track When You Add New Trello Cards

Format date in Zapier
Zapier can track your new Trello cards, and remember the date they were created

First, you'll need to have Zapier watch for new Trello cards, and keep track of the day they were added. Make a new Zap, select the Trello New Card trigger, and pick the board you want to watch for new cards.

We'll then need to re-format the date into a raw number, so we can easily compare it to the new date once the card is finished. Add a Formatter Date/Time step to your Zap, select the Format transform, then click the + icon beside the Input field and select the Date Last Activity field from your Trello card.

Select X as the date format—that'll turn your date into just a number.

Save Trello card date in Zapier

Now, add a Storage Set Value step to your Zap to save the date. Add your Trello card's Name as the Key (or something else unique, like its short link or other text from your card), and then add your newly reformatted date from Formatter as the Value.

Zapier will now keep track of whenever you add a new Trello card.

Figure out How Long it Took to Complete the Card

You'll need one more Zap to figure out how long each card took to complete.

Start out with a Trello Card Moved to List trigger, and have Zapier watch your final list in Trello for cards that were moved to it.

Then, add a Storage Get Value action step, and have Zapier find the original date from your Trello card's name again (or whatever you used as your unique ID).

You'll then need a Formatter step as above, this time to change the Date field from Trello to the X formate.

As your 4th step, add another Formatter step, this time selecting the Number option and the Spreadsheet-style Formula Transform as in the screenshot above. There, you'll want to subtract the original date from your new date, then divide the result by 60/60/24 to figure out how many days it took to finish your card (since the date number format is stored in seconds).

Add comment to Trello

And, now you've got the total number of days it took to complete that card. Add one final step to share that—Zapier could add it as comment on that card, or it could share it with you in any other app you want.

That's how to find out how many days it took to complete a Trello card.

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Published May 19, 2017

Question asked by Omar

Answer written by Zapier writer Matthew Guay


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