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Staying up to date on your work, your company, your life, and your friends and family is pretty important. And notifications is certainly one thing Zapier does really well. This chapter will explore a variety of notification Zaps to keep you in the know.

Creating a Company Activity Feed

If you are in charge of a company, a department or a team odds are you like to know what's going on. What did people work on today? What did they accomplish? Zapier makes it easy to keep you up-to-date on these things by letting you create an activity stream in web apps like Yammer, Chatter, Flowdock or HipChat.

A good Zap for getting started is posting GitHub commits to HipChat. This will keep everyone on the team up-to-date for when code is deployed.

Similar Zaps
1. Post Trello activity to Flowdock
2. Post Pivotal Tracker Activity to Yammer
3. Post Basecamp Todos to Campfire

Know When You Make Money

Making money is fun and exciting. With the Stripe charge alerts to HipChat Zap your team can celebrate every sales. Make sure to add in the classic cha-ching noise for every sale too. :)

Similar Zaps
1. Pushover notification for PayPal sales
2. Campfire alert for new Chargify customers
3. Yammer message for new Recurly transactions

Stay On Top of Customer Support

Creating happy customers is one of the easiest ways to foster word-of-mouth about your product or service. But sometimes answering quickly is easier said than done.

This Zendesk to HipChat alert will make sure everyone on your team knows when a customer needs help.

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1. Campfire alert for Help Scout tickets
2. Get an SMS for New UserVoice tickets

Tracking Customer Activity

Closing a sale is all about understanding where your customer is in the purchasing lifecycle. If you can magically reach out at the right time through the right medium and with the right message you'll close a lot more sales.

An easy way to do this is to make sure you know what your customers are doing at all times. That's why Zaps like this SMS for new Salesforce lead are so important because they let you know what your leads and customers are doing.

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1. Get a Campfire message for new Highrise contacts
2. Post to Chatter for HubSpot leads

Tracking Email Marketing List Activity

As you grow your email list it's good to keep track of who is subscribing. It's especially exciting to see an email address you recognize join your list or an email from someone famous in your industry.

You can use Zaps like the Campfire alert for new MailChimp subscribers to keep a close watch on how quickly your list is growing and exactly who is on it.

Similar Zaps
1. SMS alert for new AWeber subscriber
2. Email alert for Campaign Monitor subscriber

Site Monitoring and Performance

Every site owner and web developers worst nightmare is having their site go down and not knowing about it. Luckily there are lots of great tools for site monitoring that work with Zapier.

You can easily use Zaps like the Pingdom to Campfire Zap which will post to your Campfire room any time a Pingdom alert goes off about your site.

Similar Zaps
1. Broadcast New Relic alerts to team members via email
2. Send an SMS to multiple team members via Twilio for Pingdom alerts


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