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Take your drip email app to the next level with automation

By Ellie Huizenga · July 13, 2021
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Who else dreads ending up on an email list that sends out half-baked marketing emails with no purpose? *Insert raised hands.* What we really want as consumers (whether we know it or not) is to go through an intentional email journey that provides us with the right type of content at the right time. 

Enter: drip email campaigns. Also known as drip marketing, automated email campaigns, lifecycle emails, or autoresponders, they're a set of marketing emails automatically sent out on a pre-planned schedule. They allow you to send well-timed, targeted emails so you can get the most out of your leads. 

But making sure your leads and customers are in the right email campaign is a time-consuming process. Fortunately, with automation, you can make sure you're always sending the right email to the right person at the right time. 

Discover how you can get more out of your drip email app with our most popular automatic workflows—called Zaps. Just click on a Zap template to get started.

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Automatically add new leads to the right list

Leads are a key ingredient for business growth. From social media to events to ads—the options to source new leads are endless. But keeping track of all of them can get complicated. 

For example, do you ever host an event or webinar? You can simplify the lead management process by automatically sending new leads sourced from an event sign-up to a specific list in your email marketing app. That way, your marketing doesn't end when the event is over. You can follow up and nurture event sign-ups through the rest of your lead lifecycle with ease. 

Add new Facebook Lead Ads leads to AWeber as subscribers

Add new Facebook Lead Ads leads to AWeber as subscribers
  • Facebook Lead Ads logo
  • AWeber logo
Facebook Lead Ads + AWeber

Want to learn more? Discover how to spend less time on lead management with these tips.

Connect your payment processing and email apps

Hooray! Someone just purchased something on your site. Or maybe you converted one of your leads into a customer. Now you need to make sure they move into the next stage of your lead lifecycle. 

You can set up automatic workflows that instantly update contact information or email subscriber profiles when a customer makes a purchase. That way you can put customers into the right drip email campaign—one that will encourage them to buy the product again or maybe write a five-star review. 

Looking for more marketing tips? Read more about how to grow your business with marketing automation.

Keep track of your stats

If you use multiple tools to manage your marketing campaigns, you may not keep all of your campaign data in one spot. Or you might have team members who don't have access to apps filled with sensitive info—you don't want someone new accidentally wiping your customer info with one careless click.  

Easily see which email campaigns have the highest open rates by automatically adding performance data to a new row in Google Sheets whenever an email is opened in a specific drip email campaign. This lets you to see which drip email campaigns are garnering higher engagement, giving you critical insight into your audience behavior. It also makes it easy to analyze multiple campaigns in one spot.

Easily manage your sales pipeline

Before you launch a targeted marketing campaign, you need to make sure your sales pipeline is ready. Is your sales team be equipped to handle an influx of new leads? Or do they already have too much on their plate, causing leads to fall through the cracks?

Easily manage your sales pipeline by automatically updating subscriber or contact profiles. With an automated workflow, you can automatically create deals in your CRM when a subscriber takes specific actions from your emails. This allows your sales team to reach out to only the most qualified leads while minimizing manual tasks. 

Want to learn more about how automation can streamline your sales pipeline? Discover these sales automation workflows to help you close more deals.

Get the most out of your drip email app

Streamline your drip email app by automating the tedious tasks. That way, you can focus on the more important things—like sending drip email campaigns that actually have impact. 

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