Harness the Power of Zapier's Built-In Apps

By Nick Simard - Published August 5, 2016 -

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Key Points

  • Built-In Apps are tools created by the Zapier team that anyone can use in their workflows.
  • Apps like Email and SMS help you build Zaps faster, since you won't need to sign up for a separate service.
  • Manipulate data like dates, names, and email addresses on the fly with our Formatter.
  • More advanced Developer Tools are available, too, including Code, Webhooks, and Storage. (Those aren't covered below.)

In the next chapter, we'll cover how to explore your Task History and troubleshoot Zaps.

In addition to adding a Filter to your Zap to make sure it proceeds only when a certain condition is met, Zapier offers several other built-in apps to help you create more powerful, useful, and customized Zaps. Here are several great ones to get started with.

  • RSS lets you watch an RSS feed for new entries.
  • Email helps you send data from any app to your email inbox.
  • SMS routes app info to a phone number.
  • Schedule will trigger your Zaps on a schedule you set.
  • Formatter is a multi-tool for transforming your data.
  • URL Shortener creates short ready-to-share URLs on the fly.
  • Push is Google Chrome extension that lets you trigger workflows from anywhere online.
  • Lead Score will find any contact information from an email.
  • Delay puts your Zap on hold until a certain time, or for a certain amount of time.
  • Translate automatically changes text into a language of your choice.
  • Zapier gives you some extended options for keeping up with news about your Zapier account.

Introduction to RSS by Zapier


RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers, which gather online content from blogs and other sites that use RSS. RSS by Zapier enables you to detect new items in RSS feeds, as well as power your own Zapier RSS feed.


  • New Item in Feed triggers whenever you there's a new item in an RSS feed.


  • Create Item in Feed lets you build a custom, Zapier-powered RSS feed that you can use anywhere.

Try These Use Cases

  • Whenever there is a new post on your favorite blog, you could automatically share a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

  • Create your own RSS feed from items that you've liked or favorited across the web.

  • Share new RSS items with your teammates on Slack.

Introduction to Email by Zapier


Send and receive email via a custom Zapier email address at zapiermail.com. Zapier's email app includes the ability to add attachments, BCC/CC people, and use HTML.


  • New Inbound Email triggers when you forward an email to your custom zapiermail.com address.


  • Send Outbound Email automatically sends a message on your behalf.

Try These Use Cases

  • Send a customized, automated email to customers/clients when they buy one of your products.

  • Email new SurveyMonkey survey answers to an email address of your choice.

  • Send emails into Slack to share with your team.

Introduction to SMS by Zapier


Using our built-in number, you can send a limited number of SMS / text messages or even make calls.


  • Send SMS sends a text message to a phone number of your choice.
  • Call Phone makes an automatic call to a phone number of your choice.

Try These Use Cases

  • Send yourself a text message every time you receive an email from a specific person.

  • Create a system of text message reminders in combination with Schedule by Zapier.

  • Send a thank you text message to everyone who signs up for your webinar.

Introduction to Schedule by Zapier


Schedule is a native Zapier app you can use for recurring tasks. Trigger an Action every day of the month, every day of the week, or every single day. You can also select the hour of the day. If you're a developer, this is similar to a crontab, cronjob, or cron.


  • Every Day triggers once a day at a time you choose.
  • Every Week triggers once a week on a day you choose.
  • Every Month triggers once a month on a day you choose.

Try These Use Cases

  • Add tasks to a project management tool on the first of every month.

  • Create weekly items in your favorite to-do app.

  • Create a system of daily text message reminders in combination with SMS by Zapier.

Introduction to Zapier's Formatter app


Data isn't always in the format you need. Formatter enables you to work with text, numbers, date/time, and more!


  • Text lets you do things like find and replace phrases, remove HTML, and capitalize strings.
  • Numbers puts a calculator in the middle of your Zap. You can convert currencies, complete simple math operations, and more.
  • Date / Time makes it easy to reformat dates, or add and subtract time from a date.
  • Utilities is a smorgasbord of transformation options, including things like looking up a value in a table and picking a random value from a list.

Try These Use Cases

  • A date is in International format, but your app needs it in American format.

  • Convert text to Title Case to be used as an email subject.

  • Truncate text when sharing to social media apps that limit the number of characters.

  • Turn Markdown text into HTML for your blog.

Introduction to URL Shortener by Zapier

URL Shortener

URL Shortener by Zapier helps you turn long distracting links into short ready-to-share URLs. You can shorten any URL in your Zaps and pass it to your social media pages, in a SMS, or to other apps you have connected on Zapier.


  • Shorten URL takes any URL and provides a more succinct stand-in.

Try These Use Cases

  • Create short URLs for your Zapier or Twilio SMS, so they stay within the character limit.
  • Share your blog posts with shortened URLs to your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Whenever a new file is uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive, create a short URL and save it to a Google Sheets.

Introduction to Zapier's Push app


Push by Zapier lets you trigger Zaps from anywhere on the web. It's a Google Chrome Extension that lives in your browser, and lets you activate one-click workflows instantly.


  • New Push puts your workflow in motion with a single tap.
  • New Push With Text lets you add a URL or string of text to send to your Action app.

Try These Use Cases

  • Add URLs to a read-it-later service, like Pocket or Instapaper
  • Create custom tasks for your to-do list without breaking your focus
  • Post info to a spreadsheet or database

Lead Score

Find a contact's information—like their name, company, company size, industry, and location—among other useful information with their email address. It also scores the customer fit of the person to help you find those who are most likely to convert.


  • Find Person and Company Information: Finds person and company data and qualification based on an email address.

Try These Use Cases

  • Personalize email profiles in email marketing apps, like MailChimp, AWeber, and Emma.
  • You can use Lead Score to enrich CRM data in Pipedrive, Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Get more info on a new newsletter subscriber from Typeform, Wufoo and Google Forms.
  • You can score a new leads from lead generation campaigns with HubSpot, MailChimp and Mailjet.

Introduction to Delay by Zapier


Put your Actions on hold for a specified amount of time before sending data to another app.


  • Delay Until pauses your Zap until a specific date and time.
  • Delay For puts your Zap on hold until some amount of time passes, like an hour or a day.

Try These Use Cases

  • Send a thank you email to a client exactly one week after they've paid their invoice.

  • Create a series of follow-up emails that are sent a specified number of days apart.

Introduction to Translate by Zapier


Automatically translate words, phrases, and web pages into over 100 languages.


  • Translate Text takes a string of words and spits it out in a language of your choice.
  • Detect Language returns our best guess for the original language of the provided text.

Try These Use Cases

  • Create multiple versions of an outgoing email, written in various languages.

  • Translate incoming help desk tickets into your team's predominant language.

  • Translate new blog posts into different languages.

Using the built-in Zapier app


The one app to rule them all! Use the Zapier app to get updates on app incidents or stay in the know about new supported apps, Triggers, and Actions.


  • New App triggers every time we add a new integration to Zapier.
  • New Update triggers whenever we make enhancements to an app, and publish a post to the Updates Blog.
  • App Incident Update triggers when an app you pick runs into a problem on Zapier (you can keep track of issues on our Status Board, too.)
  • New Zap Error triggers when one of your Zaps hits an error, so you can fix it ASAP.
  • API Is Down detects downtime for any app that's connected to the Zapier platform, so you can get an immediate heads-up.
  • New Zap triggers when you add a new Zap to your account, so you can let the whole team know.

Try These Use Cases

  • Receive an email when a new app is supported by Zapier.

  • Send yourself a notification when Zapier adds a new Trigger or Action for your favorite apps.

  • Send your team a text message when an app on Zapier is down.


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