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  • Create Google Calendar events from new Trello cards

    Trello's a great place to plan your projects, but when you're wondering what's on your schedule for the week, you're most likely to check your calendar. Get the best of both by adding Trello cards with due dates to a Google Calendar of your choice so you'll never miss anything you need to do.

    How it Works

    1. A new card with a due date is added to a list on Trello
    2. Zapier creates a Google Calendar event for the same day your card is due

    What You Need

    • Trello account
    • Google Calendar account
  • BrightIdeas Zap 5: Change Lead Status to Supplier Triggers Step 2 & 3 Checklists

    Make sure that each of your suppliers gets the same attention from your team with this BrightIdeas Zap. It will watch for new lead status changes on HubSpot CRM, find the contact info, make sure the person is a supplier, then will create checklists for your team to follow up with onboarding in Process Street.

    How this BrightIdeas integration works

    1. A new contact's lead status is changed in HubSpot CRM
    2. Zapier finds that user's contact info in HubSpot CRM, and makes sure that lead is a supplier
    3. Zapier then creates two checklists in Process Street

    Apps involved

    • HubSpot CRM
    • Process Street
  • Save new liked Tweets with links to Pocket

    Liking a Tweet is a handy way to "bookmark" it and re-visit it at another time. Now instead of scrolling back through your liked Tweets to find articles you wanted to read, use this Twitter Pocket integration to automatically save new liked Tweets with links to Pocket

    Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import already liked Tweets, only new Tweet liked after you've enabled this integration.

    How It Works

    1. A Tweet is liked
    2. Zapier adds that Tweet to your Pocket account

    What You Need

    • Twitter account
    • Pocket account
  • Add new Slack messages to JIRA as new issues

    If your organization uses Slack for internal communication and JIRA to manage software development issues, Zapier can link the two to make it easy to post new issues to JIRA. After this integration is set up, new Slack messages created from that point forward containing the word JIRA will be saved as new issues in JIRA.

    Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import existing Slack messages into JIRA, only new messages after you've set it up.

    How It Works

    1. A new issue is posted in a Slack message
    2. Zapier adds that issue to JIRA

    What You Need

    • A Slack account
    • A JIRA account
  • Save new SoundCloud tracks you like to Google Drive

    You don't have to open up SoundCloud every time you want to listen to your favorite tunes. Make them available to any other app you want by downloading them (when possible) automatically with Zapier. This automation will trigger every time you like a new track on SoundCloud; if it is identified as "downloadable", Zapier will automatically capture the file and store it on Google Drive for you, keeping a copy safe and accessible without any effort on your part.

    How this SoundCloud-Google Drive integration works

    1. You like a new track on SoundCloud
    2. Zapier uploads it to a Google Drive folder

    Apps involved

    • SoundCloud
    • Google Drive
  • Send direct messages in Slack to specific users whenever a Google Sheets row is updated

    If you use Google Sheets to collect data and assign rows to specific employees, you probably want to notify them when new work comes in. Every time rows update in Google Sheets, Zapier will filter based on your criteria and notify the right person in Slack. Easy, peasy, and automatic!

    How this integration works

    1. Someone adds a new row—or updates a row—in your Google Sheet
    2. Zapier filters the rows based on your criteria
    3. Zapier sends direct messages via Slack

    Apps involved

    • Google Sheets
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Slack
  • Filter Typefrom responses and send emails through Gmail

    Do you send out questionnaires to customers or co-workers? Are you tired of digging through the responses to find the critical information? Do you then send an email to the participant? Whew—that is a lot of manual work. Let Zapier filter your Typeform responses AND send emails through Gmail so you can get back to work.

    How this Typeform-Filter by Zapier-Gmail integration works

    1. New responses from Typeform come in
    2. Zapier filters those responses based on your criteria
    3. Zapier sends emails through Gmail to the filtered responses

    Apps involved

    • Typeform
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Gmail
  • BrightIdeas Zap 4: Create New Trello Card for Bounced Emails

    Make sure your emails always go through with this BrightIdeas Zap that watches HubSpot CRM for bounced emails. Whenever an email bounces, Zapier will check the email address and add it to a new Trello card so you'll remember to find the correct email address and update it in HubSpot CRM so it'll go through next time.

    How this BrightIdeas integration works

    • A new HubSpot CRM contact property changes with a bounced email
    • Zapier makes sure the email bounced, then creates a Trello card to have your team find the correct email and update it

    Apps involved

    • HubSpot CRM
    • Trello
  • Save new starred Slack messages with links to Pocket

    When your teammate shares an article in Slack and you think, "I need to read that later," quickly add it to your Pocket reading list by starring the message. When you do, the article will be saved to Slack.

    Note: The Slack message can only contain a URL—additional characters will result in an error

    Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import already starred Slack message, only new messages starred after you've enabled this integration.

    How It Works

    1. A Slack message with a link is starred
    2. Zapier adds that link to Pocket

    What You Need

    • Slack account
    • Pocket account
  • Log Instagram posts with multiple tags to Google Sheets

    Are you spending hours scrolling Instagram and trying to research the hashtags your ideal customers are using? With this Zapier automation, you can get the information you need quickly, while filtering out the noise. After it's been set up, this integration will fire off whenever a new Instagram post contains multiple simultaneous tags, and only add those that mention all of them to a new row on Google Sheets. This allows you to find users that match your ideal client profile so you can engage with them, see what they are posting, and what other tags they are using.

    How this Instagram-Google Sheets integration works

    1. A new photo or video with the specified tag is posted in Instagram
    2. IF the post also contains the additional specified tags...
    3. Zapier adds it to a row in Google Sheets

    Apps involved

    • Instagram
    • Google Sheets
  • Add new Stripe charges as commissions to Tapfiliate affiliate conversions

    Looking for an easy way to set up recurring commissions for your affiliates? You can leverage your existing Stripe setup to do so with Zapier. Once active, whenever a new charge occurs on Stripe this integration will check if the ID matches an existing Tapfiliate conversion. If so, Zapier will add the Stripe charge's amount as a commission to the conversion, saving you the trouble of doing it manually ever again.

    How this Stripe-Tapfiliate integration works

    1. A new charge happens in Stripe
    2. Zapier searches Tapfiliate for an affiliate conversion for the subscription
    3. If the conversion exists, Zapier adds a commission to it in Tapfiliate

    Apps involved

    • Stripe
    • Tapfiliate
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Tapfiliate
  • Post a GIPHY GIF whenever a keyword is mentioned in a Slack channel

    A GIF is a great way to call attention to key terms in a conversation. After this integration is active, Zapier will be your watchful GIF bot, always ready with a fun animation. Every time someone mentions a keyword on Slack (whether it's "deal" in #sales or "awesome" in #general), Zapier will automatically find a random GIF for it on GIPHY, and post it back to the channel right after, so the point is always made clearly.

    Note: This automation uses Zapier filters to check for the keyword in every new message of a channel. This is "awesome" in #general by default, but both the keyword and channel are customizable

    How this Slack-GIPHY integration works

    1. A key word is mentioned on Slack
    2. Zapier automatically searches for it on GIPHY, and posts a GIF to the same channel

    Apps involved

    • Slack
    • GIPHY
  • Create a RescueTime highlight when a Trello card is moved

    If you track your tasks in a Trello board that has a list representing when the task is done, you can use this zap to create a RescueTime Daily Highlight when the card is moved.

    How It Works

    1. Move a card in Trello to your Done list
    2. Zapier automatically creates a RescueTime Daily Highlight from that card

    What You Need

    • A RescueTime Premium account
    • A Trello account and board with a list named exactly "Done"
  • Create new accounts and contacts in Salesforce from new Facebook Lead Ads

    Tired of searching through Salesforce to see if a new lead from Facebook Lead Ads is actually a new lead? Let Zapier search Salesforce for you—and on top of searching, Zapier will only create new accounts and contacts in Saleforce if the contact doesn't already exist so you don't have to worry about duplicate entries, courtesy of Filter by Zapier.

    How this integration works:

    1. New leads arrive from Facebook Lead Ads
    2. Zapier searches Salesforce for a matching contact
    3. Filter by Zapier continues running the Zap only if the contact doesn't exist in Salesforce
    4. Zapier creates a new account for the lead in Salesforce
    5. Zapier creates a new contact in Salesforce

    Apps involved

    • Facebook Lead Ads
    • Salesforce
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Salesforce
    • Salesforce
  • Share your Tweets (excluding replies) in Slack

    Twitter is the best way to highlight the news and updates for your company, but do all of your teammates keep up with it? By connecting your Twitter account to Slack via Zapier, your entire team can keep up with the latest tweets in any Slack channel you'd like.

    How It Works

    1. A Tweet is posted on an account you own
    2. Zapier shares that Tweet in a Slack channel

    What You Need

    • Twitter account
    • Slack account
  • Create a Trello Cards when more than 1 hour of uncategorized time is logged in RescueTime

    When you log more than an hour of uncategorized time in RescueTime, you want to make sure you set up the correct categorization of the time for the future. Use this Zap to automatically create a Trello card reminding you to fix that uncategorized time.

    How It Works

    1. Install and use RescueTime to track your time
    2. When RescueTime runs a daily report, if your uncategorized time is greater than 1 hour, a new Trello card will be created

    What You Need

    1. RescueTime installed and running
    2. A Trello account, with a board containing a list
  • Log new Shopify paid orders with discount codes as conversions on Tapfiliate

    The key to promotions like discount codes is understanding their effectiveness. Zapier can help you track the ones that result in sales automatically—set up this integration and we'll do the rest. From then on, whenever a paid order is made on Shopify with a discount code, a conversion will automatically be logged on Tapfiliate, letting you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign with accurate data at all times.

    How this Shopify - Filter by Zapier - Tapfiliate integration works:

    1. A new paid order is placed on Shopify
    2. Zapier filters out orders that are not associated with discount codes
    3. Zapier creates a Tapfiliate conversion for the order, referencing the discount code

    Apps involved:

    • Shopify
    • Tapfiliate
  • Get Gmail alerts when new RescueTime reports show more than 20% of your day spent on email and other communications

    Part of tracking your time is understanding when certain activities are getting out of control. Use this Zap to send an alert when you spent more than 20% of any given day emailing, chatting, or otherwise communicating.

    How It Works

    1. RescueTime tracks your time and logs how much time you spend on email and other communication activities
    2. If your time spent on communication exceeds 20%, Zapier will send you an email report via Gmail to let you know

    What You Need

    1. RescueTime installed and running
    2. A Gmail account
  • Add or update Google Calendar events for new or changed SuperSaaS appointments

    Are you looking to keep your calendar up-to-date with your scheduled appointments without the hassle of manually updating? Let Zapier do it for you! Once set up, this integration will automatically add new events to your Google Calendar if new appointments are created in SuperSaaS. If that appointment already exists on your Google Calendar but was updated or deleted in SuperSaaS, then Zapier will update or delete the corresponding event on your Google Calendar.

    How this SuperSaaS-Google Calendar integration works

    1. An appointment is created, updated, or deleted on your SuperSaaS schedule
    2. Zapier adds the event to Google Calendar if it does not already exist
    3. Zapier updates the event on Google Calendar if it does exist and was modified
    4. Zapier deletes the event on Google Calendar if it was deleted on your SuperSaaS schedule

    Apps involved

    • SuperSaaS
    • Google Calendar

    During the creation process the steps after the first filter step will not work yet, so you may want to click "skip test & continue" while you create this zap

  • Get emails from Gmail when Apify crawler results are different from previous runs

    Instead of manually checking your Apify crawler results each time, this integration will automatically send you an email notification if they change. Thanks to Zapier, when one of your Apify crawlers comes back with different results, you'll get a notification email via Gmail.

    How this Apify-Gmail integration works

    1. An Apify crawler finishes and the results of this run are different than the last time
    2. Zapier sends an email out automatically via Gmail

    Apps involved

    • Apify
    • Gmail
  • +2

    Analyze HARO requests with MonkeyLearn and get notifications for relevant ones via Slack

    Have you ever wanted to get your company featured in TIME Magazine, Reuters or Mashable? It could happen through Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and get this media coverage for free by answering Help A Reporter Out requests.

    But why spend time screening HARO requests if machine learning can do the heavy lifting for you?

    This integration uses MonkeyLearn + Zapier + Slack to build a personalized notification system for HARO.

    How it works

    1. Get a new HARO requests from an RSS feed
    2. Zapier uses MonkeyLearn to classify HARO queries into AI & Machine Learning and Not Relevant
    3. The process will only continue if a HARO query is classified as AI & Machine Learning
    4. Zapier sends a private message via Slack notifying you about the AI & Machine Learning HARO query

    Apps involved

    • RSS by Zapier
    • MonkeyLearn
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Slack
  • Get Slack notifications for new Twitter followers with more than 5,000 followers

    Easily keep track of your new highly-followed Twitter followers with this Twitter to Slack integration. Once set up, you'll get a notification in Slack every time you gain a follower on Twitter who has more than 5,000 followers.

    How It Works

    1. Someone with more than 5,000 followers follows you on Twitter
    2. Zapier notifies you in Slack

    What You Need

    • Twitter account
    • Slack account
  • Send welcome emails via Gmail when opportunities are won in Copper

    Help your prospects feel right at home with a personalized welcome email. After you set up this integration, when opportunitites are moved to the won stage, a welcome email sent via Gmail will be triggered.

    How this Copper-Gmail integration works

    1. An opportunity is moved to Won in Copper
    2. The opportunity meets a set of criteria you set via a Filter
    3. Zapier sends an email via Gmail

    Apps involved

    • Copper
    • Gmail
  • Add new DocSend visitors to HubSpot CRM as contacts

    Knowing who and when to reach out to, and what you should talk about with that lead, is a tall order. Don't you wish you knew how they engaged with your sales and marketing collateral? DocSend can lend a hand there, and with the help of Zapier can automatically get DocSend links for lead generation, capturing visitors' email addresses and entering them into a CRM like HubSpot.

    How It Works

    1. Someone visits one of your DocSend links
    2. Zapier creates a new contact using the visitor's email address in your HubSpot CRM account

    What You Need

    • DocSend account
    • HubSpot CRM account
  • Send Slack channel notifications when Freshdesk tickets are updated

    If you want to notify other teams in Slack when Freshdesk tickets are updated, tagged, or placed in a new status, this Zap is for you! Make your app team aware of customer feedback. Let your dev team know when customers appreciate the new updates.

    How this works

    1. Freshdesk tickets are updated...
    2. Zapier looks for specific changes to the ticket...
    3. Zapier sends a Slack channel notification

    Apps involved

    • Freshdesk
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Slack

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